Lady Gaga Had to Have Something to do With This Breakup Right?

People are certainly willing and quick to jump on any old or new rumor they pick up and spin it into something resembling the golden truth. One of the most current is that Bradley Cooper broke up with his partner, and the mother of their daughter, Irina Shayk, and that Lady Gaga was the cause. Sarah El-Mahmoud of Cinema Blend has written that Lady Gaga has stated something along the lines of this romance being confined to the big screen where it was created, and that’s it. She’s been seen with actor Jeremy Renner it would seem and also has a rather dim view of social media, but we’ll spare that irony for the moment.  As of right now it would seem that the idea of Lady Gaga causing the break is one of the biggest bits of nonsense that anyone could possibly decide to believe, as the idea of people conspiring to break from their partners to find their soulmate isn’t a new idea, but it is one that’s rather cliche in this day and age.

Whether you want to believe that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are ‘soulmates’ because of the movie they starred in together or because of the duet they performed on stage is up to you, but from a more sensible stance it would seem as though the split that Cooper took from Shayk is rooted in something else that is a little less sordid in nature. Becky Waldren of The Sun has written an account of how Gaga’s friends have stated that she had nothing to do with Cooper and Shayk’s split and that her own separation from her fiance had nothing to do with the matter either. Yet for some reason, because of their chemistry in the movie and on stage mostly, people want to keep on egging this on and making a big deal about how Cooper and Gaga should hook up and become the pair that they were on screen. People do remember that it was a movie, right? Folks have to realize that actors on stage can have incredible chemistry and just be friends, yeah? Otherwise it would mean that every last actor that’s ever been on screen with their costars and behaved in a manner that makes the audience believe that they genuinely care about one another would have been ‘meant for each other’ many times over. The mere fact that a person can seem like a compatible match with another person on screen doesn’t mean much. What it means is that they can succeed in a much more efficient manner than others who don’t mesh as well, in theory.

Even Tyler Johnson from The Hollywood Gossip seems less than convinced that Gaga planned Cooper’s decision to split from Shayk as it seems that the two simply drifted apart after a while. Of course people aren’t going to accept this since it’s not dramatic enough and doesn’t have the level of intrigue that they want to see and hear about. That’s the gist of it, people want the drama, they want the idea that there’s something more to the split than anyone is letting on, and they’re not going to be happy until Gaga and Cooper have shacked up and made it public. The sad thing about this is that they might be waiting for a while. The idea that Gaga willingly caused a rift between Cooper and Shayk is kind of laughable since it would imply that she has that kind of effect on anyone when in truth she is a talented woman, but she’s not a temptress as people seem to think. And if you happen to disagree think about this, she’s a performer. She knows how to work people up and get them to believe in what she’s doing. One would hope that it wouldn’t work on another actor but there’s no telling really, apart from the fact that she’s refuted this more than once and will likely do so a few more times before it’s all said and done. So give it about a week and people might come to nearly forget about it.

It’s amusing really that people don’t want this kind of drama in their own lives but will gladly spur it on when it happens to others. In some ways it’s kind of stomach-churning how thick the hypocrisy runs when it comes to how people view celebrities. Even those that are fans of Cooper and Gaga don’t seem to balk at the notion that two of their favorite celebrities might have conspired to be together, but if it happened to someone that wasn’t seen to be a cute couple by the crowd they might be lambasted for parting ways with their significant others. Ah the hypocrisy that runs the rumor mill is thick and seemingly endless.

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