Kim Kardashian in the MCU? Why Not?

Kim Kardashian in the MCU? Why Not?
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The simple mention that Kim Kardashian wants a part in the MCU is enough to set some fans to wonder how far down the MCU has fallen if this becomes a consideration, and others wondering if she’s going to be allowed a spot just so she can show how glamorous she looks standing next to one of the heroes. The thought that she could actually become one of the main characters is kind of upsetting for one simple reason that can filter into a larger number of reasons. She can’t act unless, of course, she’s acting like herself, which comes naturally, but it isn’t exactly something that feels like it would be the greatest thing for this franchise. Plenty of people would no doubt be perfectly okay with casting Kim for a role, but there’s also a question as to whether she would want to take on a fictional role or if she would want to play herself and some gain a prominent spot in the MCU. Some folks might think it’s unfair to even consider leaving her out simply because she’s a Kardashian, but others might see sense in telling Kim ‘no.’ 

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There are pros and cons to bringing her on, but it feels as though her name alone would get people talking about why she should be accepted. 

The Kardashian/Jenner clan is widely known and as a result, it’s easy to assume that anyone who interacts with them will have to eventually choose to say yes or not when it comes to whether or not any of them are going to be featured in a movie, a TV show, or even a commercial. Their last names are a big part of what makes them famous since, despite anything they’ve done to this point, they’re not that skilled in a lot of ways that others are not. They’re not great actors, even in a reality show, and they’re not that interesting when all is said and done. These are two good reasons why Kim probably shouldn’t be brought into the MCU for more than a cameo. Seeing her there for a few seconds might not be so bad since it means that she might not be that big of an influence and can be quickly forgotten, much as many others would rather see at this point. 

It’s not hatred for the Kardashians; it’s that many people can’t stand them. 

It’s been said before, but the Kardashians are essentially famous for being famous and not much else. It might be true that they’ve done a few things here and there in their careers that have been helpful to others, but the other fact, the overriding fact, is that they’re one of the most annoying families into ever appeared on television. The fact is that a few of them have guest-starred in numerous shows and even a few movies, but rarely has their presence ever made anything better. If anything, it feels like another grab at fame, and that doesn’t work for them since, outside of their reality show and the various other stuff they’ve done, a lot of people would rather forget that they’ve amassed such fortune and fame for doing next to nothing. 

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Trying to figure out what role she might fit into would be difficult, to say the least. 

Trying to make Kim into a hero or a villain wouldn’t be simple since there’s not a lot that she’s qualified to do in this matter. Keeping her as a celebrity cameo or a bit-players does feel like it would be the easiest thing to do, but it doesn’t sound as though this is the type of role she might want. The upside is that it doesn’t feel likely that she would be given what she wants just because of who she is, or what family she belongs to. Some people might think that this isn’t how the Kardashians get their way, and they might be right sometimes, but it does feel as though too many people kowtow to this family at times simply because they believe in them as entertainers, for some odd reason. One thing the Kardashians are not is entertaining, that much was made evident by the reality show. 

Is there a possibility of seeing Kim in the MCU?

Well, we’ve seen Megan Thee Stallion in She-Hulk, so there’s a possibility of anything at this point, especially since the MCU is looking to retain its popularity in the years to come. That could mean that just about anyone might be allowed into the movie and shows at some point. If it works, then so be it, but there are definitely some individuals that are best being left out of this franchise, if only because they don’t offer a lot to begin with. 

If Kim does make it into the MCU, one can bet that the door will be wide open to even less talented individuals. 

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