What We Learned from The “A Journal for Jordan” Trailer

What We Learned from The “A Journal for Jordan” Trailer

What We Learned from The “A Journal for Jordan” Trailer

Movies based on true stories tend to get a pretty big nod from a lot of people since not only is the realism appreciated, but it takes them on a tale through another person’s life who decided to share something that might have been kept personal if not for their desire to show everyone a bit of who they are, or were. In this movie, A Journal for Jordan, the story of 1st Sgt. Charles Monroe King was taken and developed into a tale that is close to home for a lot of soldiers who are trying to build their families and serve their country at the same time. The man in question whose life inspired this died only a month before he was slated to go home, and his wife felt that it was a vital part of the mourning process to tell the tale of his life and to let others see and know what this man was all about. Every day there are soldiers that are wanting to return home and see their families but are bound by their duty to serve and are thus far, far away from their loved ones at any given time. This is a hardship that not many people outside of the service can understand, but can surely appreciate.

This movie is definitely bound to resonate with a lot of people on a few levels since not only is it about a parent being thousands of miles away as their child is growing up, it’s about the child not growing up with a father, which can be taken a couple of ways thanks to this movie. There’s no doubt that having two parents is a huge benefit for any child, but growing up without a father is what a lot of kids have had to do over the years and it’s been due to more than their parent being in the military. The manner in which Denzel Washington looks to be directing this movie is going to go into the idea behind a father attempting to do as much as he can for his wife and child in terms of guiding them both and letting them know how much he loves them.

As Michael B. Jordan, who is starring has already stated, working under Washington is bound to be an experience all on its own, and what’s bound to result from this will surely be something that people will want to see and will react to in a very emotional manner. This is the kind of story that’s poised to hit a person in the feels with plenty of warning but without hesitation, since it’s already looking like something that will have people crying in the theater and getting emotional either because someone recognizes their own life in something they see in the movie or something they’ve heard about. Whatever the case, people are going to be holding onto their napkins in the theater and finding a handkerchief or something at home since this is bound to be a tearjerker that will get a lot of folks going. But that’s likely what’s supposed to happen since not only is this story based on the truth, it’s also something that people can’t help but relate to in a very big way.

Movies of this caliber are often seen as sure winners when it comes to the crowd reaction since the fact that Denzel Washington is directing and Michael B. Jordan is one of the leads is bound to get a great deal of attention for this movie and it’s definitely bound to happen that it will be considered one of the more touching and powerful movies of the era. Some could be cynical and say that we’ve seen a lot of touching movies come and go, and they’d be right to be fair, but every last movie that’s had this kind of heart has been one that many people have found a reason to love since there’s usually such a warm feeling to it that even the more tragic moments can’t help but be overshadowed by the idea that something has been learned and that something has been gained even when something else has been lost.

The overall feeling of this movie is no doubt what will carry it forward and make it a bigger deal for a lot of people to lock onto since the sentiment within it and the overall emotional content is bound to be enough to get the attention of many fans. It’s a big hope that it won’t be seen as just another war or military-themed movie since that would be a very minimalist way to look at this movie. But there’s a lot of hope that it will get the attention it deserves since it already sounds like something that people will enjoy.

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