Why We’ll Be Watching The Movie “Yakuza Princess”

Why We’ll Be Watching The Movie “Yakuza Princess”

Why We’ll Be Watching The Movie “Yakuza Princess”

It feels like it’s been a while since Jonathan Rhys Meyers has done something that allowed him to stand out, but Yakuza Princess is bound to get some attention since just looking at the trailer makes a person want to know at least a little bit more considering that the Yakuza is still a popular subject among many people and is something that a lot of folks tend to get interested in when it’s part of a movie. How realistic the Yakuza is when being depicted in a movie is up for grabs since there’s likely a good amount of information that has to be kept fairly grounded and some material that might be allowed to be filmed, though it’s hard to say really since in this day and age it does feel as though filmmakers are more than ready to film what they want without really thinking about any consequences. In this case, though it might still be prudent to do the work and find out how accurate a person needs to be when describing something that is still very much alive and kicking in the current era.

These days though it almost feels as though the Yakuza, or any mafia for that matter, might actually feel privileged and flattered to be featured in a movie, especially since it might give people the impression that they’re still just as powerful as they used to be back in the day. The truth is that while the Yakuza is still around, the power they held so long ago has waned and is nothing like it used to be since the world has changed and their hold over organized crime has been altered in a big way. But getting back to the movie at hand, Yakuza Princess looks to be something that will pit the leading lady against one half of the syndicate that supposedly took her family from her, and will be pairing her with an amnesiac stranger that believes that their fate is tied together by an ancient sword that comes into her possession.

One thing about Japanese weaponry is that their swords are absolutely beautiful and when made correctly they’re undeniably deadly. The ancient sword in question in this movie looks absolutely impressive and the action that will be happening also appears to benefit from the type of choreography that will leave a lot of people wanting to see more since it already appears to be something that will be graceful as well as brutal and not quite as much back and forth. The one thing about sword fights in movies as opposed to real-life is that when looking at a sword fight in a feature-length movie, the choreography is often intense and impressive, but too often there’s little to no risk since in the mindset of the actors they’re going step by step as they need to in order to hit their marks and make everything look good. In a real-life fight, the scene is chaotic since things don’t often stay as neat and ordered as they do in the movies. That’s why some of the best action movies might not look as graceful and impressive, but they look realistic, and that’s what some people tend to appreciate since it eliminates the useless back and forth that a lot of movies get into.

As of now, this movie looks like it might be pretty cool and worth watching, and it will be arriving in just a few weeks as September 3rd has been given as a release date. These days it’s fair to say that a lot of action movies are being looked at through a very similar lens until they can prove that they’re something different than what people thought. It takes something extra to really push forward at this time for any genre since so much has already been seen and done that trying to come up with something original and something great is a monumental effort that some directors can make and others tend to miss out on for one reason or another. Yakuza Princess already sounds like something that will be a middle-of-the-pack type of movie, but this is being said before the movie has been given a chance to prove itself.

As with most movies, it’s a hope that this one will find a place in the hearts and minds of many fans and will perform well enough that people will see fit to state that it is a great addition to the cinematic universe and is worthy of being called a great action movie. From the different camera angles and the slight dark, gritty, and grimy feel that it gives off, the movie is bound to get under the skin of many people and find ways to get them to express one emotion or another.

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