The Top Five Brendan Fraser Yelling Scenes in Movies

Ever notice how Brendan Fraser kind of has to force out a yell when he’s really going at it? That sound almost rips itself from his throat like it doesn’t want to come out. That sounds so horrible but he seems like such a soft-spoken person that yelling doesn’t seem to come as second nature to him. Raising his voice might be a normal thing but yelling really doesn’t seem to fit in his wheelhouse no matter how much he does it in film. It’s kind of sad  that he doesn’t show up in much anymore since he’s not a bad actor and could take on a lead role again if he was given that kind of chance. Considering the legal troubles he’s been through with his ex in the recent past though it seems like he might have taken more than just a monetary hit when it comes to his reputation. It’d be nice to see him back in the spotlight again though.

Let’s see what we’ve got.

5. Airheads

What do you get when you give three rockers a bunch of plastic toy guns and a half-baked idea to get their music on the air? You get a movie that didn’t get much play since it was funny but somehow not deemed worth the effort to remember. Airheads was a hilarious movie if you really look at it and more to the point it kind of helped to really put all three men on the map and headed towards other projects.

4. School Ties

There was a time when being Jewish in almost any big community was considered to be something less than desirable. It’s been so long since History 101 that I won’t bother saying why except to say that it was kind of a miserable time for those that tried to mix in with the supposed ‘elite’ of society. The point here is that while he was in the right for being angry his method of going about it was satisfying, but not all that useful.

3. Bedazzled

The devil is in the details, so to speak. As someone dealing with the devil you would almost think that a person might want to pay close attention to the words that they speak and one other thing. Oh yeah, you CAN’T MAKE PEOPLE FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU. That’s been an ages-old lesson that a lot of people can’t seem to think around no matter how miserable they become.

2. Encino Man

Thankfully a lot of things can look like salsa if you make them right. If this was real though I can imagine that the inside of his skull must have felt like it was sizzling after taking such a huge gulp. Encino Man is one of those cult classics you kind of love but won’t watch religiously every night simply because once you get the jokes you kind of don’t need to see them over and over.

1. The Mummy

How many of us would have the stones to stand there and yell back at a decaying, decrepit old bag of bones with dried flesh hanging off of it? You’d be have a fully-loaded shotgun and have your boots laced tight if you’re going to pull this stunt.

He really needs to be put back in the movies where he belongs.

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