Why You Should Consider Checking out “Tulip Fever”

Why You Should Consider Checking out “Tulip Fever”

Why You Should Consider Checking out “Tulip Fever”

Some men are possessive and some are SCARY possessive. Tulip Fever seems at first like the kind of period piece that you might, as a guy, envision taking your girlfriend or your wife to as a date night or perhaps as a birthday or anniversary or just special moment. But upon looking at the trailer it gets a little more involved than that, which is why a lot of guys might WANT to go this film. For those that are just looking to see some racy scenes then yes, it looks like it offers a few, but for those looking for an actual story it kind of gives the feel that it might get deeper than you can imagine.

Ever walked in a swimming pool that isn’t marked by how deep it is? You think you’re about to walk across and suddenly your feet slip out from under you and you’re in over your head? Yeah, it kind of feels like that might be what people are in store for when they watch this movie. The plot seems straightforward really since yes, it is about a man and his wife, the wife is obviously unhappy, and the painter that is brought in to paint their portrait is a man that is less than scrupulous when it comes to doing the job and nothing else.

That’s a very old story told in many, many different ways. But as it’s been said there are only six genuine stories in the entire world, the rest that come after are some variation of those and at times a collaboration. That doesn’t mean these stories aren’t interesting though.

A lot of the interest has to do with the lighting, the angles, and of course the venue in which it takes place. Plus the actors contribute quite a bit to the picture as well it would seem, and Christoph Waltz can be the guy you want to sit and have a beer with because he’s that interesting, but he can also be one of the most frightening characters you’ve ever met. His quiet, unassuming manner is what makes him so terrifying. For two of the films he is known best for recently, Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained, you rarely ever see him get upset save for critical moments. That is just spooky that he keeps his calm for so long until it’s time for action. Even then his outbursts have been more reactionary than seemingly planned.

The guy is good, and his fellow actors seem just as poised in the film as they seek to set the pace for what could possibly be a very convincing romantic drama/revenge story. I’m not entirely certain about the revenge part yet, but I find it hard to believe that anything such as this with Waltz in it would not involve some sort of revenge plot to be carried out.

It looks like it might be worth watching and that’s the main point. Come on guys, one time around won’t hurt.


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