Five Famous Movies that Glossed over Very Important Details

The devil is in the details, as the saying goes. Anytime a person goes to a movie they want to be entertained, to shown a tale that is exciting, engaging, and above all able to transport them away from their world for at least an hour or two. If the story is good enough and there’s enough action, feeling, or other intangible force present that can hook the viewers, one would think that not much else would matter. But in fact, it is the details within the movie that are not seen that can kill a film’s reputation. Even in a fantasy film the details must be paid close attention to if one wants the audience to think that everyone that needed to be covered was in fact covered. Otherwise it becomes a two-hour long flash in the pan with no substance. The details must at least be addressed, if not divulged.

5. The millions of deaths across the globe – Independence Day

When the aliens make first contact with humanity in this film it’s anything but friendly. Once their ships fire their initial blasts the fallout from each one is tremendous. With each blast almost an entire city is wiped out as a global effort on the part of the aliens handily decimates the human race. The question now is, what about all those dead bodies? Unless they were completely immolated the world’s cities will be filled with corpses that must be disposed of.

4. How did the boat get turned around? – Forrest Gump

There are a lot of people who will simply chalk this one up to “movie magic” which is in some cases just another far-reaching example of Murphy’s Law. But even that can’t seem to explain that fact that when Forrest sees Lt. Dan on the dock he leaps from the boat, which is still going straight ahead and with a good amount of speed behind it, to go say hi. Then, only a few minutes later, his boat crashes into a dock, going the opposite direction. It was great for laughs, but kind of fell short of believable.

3. Where did Mason go? – The Rock

There could be any number of theories to this, but some fans really wanted to know what became of Mason at the end of this film. Did he get to reconnect with his daughter? Was he apprehended again by the FBI? For such an awesome character he was given an ending that didn’t seem complete enough for most fans.

2. After the Battle of Hogwarts – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

It was an epic battle, which led to an epic mess. So did they use magic to clean it up and fix the school? Did they use brute labor? The battle left Hogwarts in a very sorry state of affairs, with damages that might have totaled more than any developer might have wished to quote. While it’s obviously implied that the school was eventually fixed and set right, there’s really no mention of how.

1. What happens to Mills? – Seven

Anyone that watched this film no doubt was creeped out through much of it but perhaps eventually satisfied when John Doe finally got it in the end, or not. The real question isn’t so much what Mills did to get put into the back of the police car, it’s what will happen to him now. It would take only a short amount of research to figure out what legal precedents would apply and what could possibly be Detective Mills’ fate, but it wouldn’t be quite as satisfying as actually knowing.


So movies gloss over a lot of pertinent points that fans want to know about, but there’s usually a reason. One explanation could be that if a film explained every little point that seems relevant it could stretch out for hours and hours and make absolutely no sense by the end. The other is far simpler, most viewers are simply into the big action sequences and don’t sweat the small, seemingly innocuous details.


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