David Ayer States That His Director Cut of Suicide Squad is Better

David Ayer States That His Director Cut of Suicide Squad is Better

suicide squad directors cut

David Ayer states that his director’s cut of Suicide Squad is better than the theatrical version. In a lot of ways, it depends on who a person asks since fans are still divided on this issue. In 2016 the first live-action Suicide Squad movie was released, and there was a definite reaction. 

Some fans approved of the movie, and others criticized it heavily. Some folks didn’t believe that every character was cast correctly. Then some thought it was fine as it was. But Ayer, the director, believes that his version is superior to what the public was given. 

Undoubtedly, the show star was Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. She’s the only character that has been universally loved since the movie’s release. Many people thought that Jared Leto turned into a horrible representation of the Joker. Others have gone on to state how the squad didn’t appear the way they’d expected. 

Ayer’s faith in his creation is admirable. But unless the Ayer Cut is released, there’s no way to tell if he’s being accurate. At this point, there’s still a debate over the director’s cuts. 

suicide squad directors cut

Ayer had a distinctive vision that wasn’t found in the theater version

According to Ayer, he had a very distinctive vision for the Suicide Squad that the studio abandoned. In some ways, this almost sounds like David had little to no control over how things went. But from another perspective, it also feels as though he couldn’t bring the elements he needed together to make the movie work. 

Many directors have a definite vision for the movies they create. But this time around, it felt as though the issues that came to light were less prominent since the movie did move forward. It would appear, however, that Ayer was paid to put out something he didn’t fully believe in. While he apparently had no trouble making it, his real vision wasn’t allowed to shine. 

Sometimes people think that the director’s cut will always be superior to the regular movie. This isn’t always the case since said movies can be too long or have too much exposition. There are several reasons to cut a movie down to size. Sometimes it’s because the pertinent information is enough to make the movie work. 

A director’s cut isn’t always better than the movie

The general idea that some folks have is that a director’s cut will show more and be a lot more interesting than the original movie. In some cases, this is true. But even though some cuts do manage to show more, some end up showing too much. 

Many storytellers attempt to pack as much as possible into a tale to make it work. In the case of the Suicide Squad, there is a great deal of information to share. Unfortunately, packing it all in requires a series, not a movie. Ayer might have created a movie to his liking, but the fans also need to be considered. 

Not every fan knows that much about the Suicide Squad. This group’s diverse history is tough to nail in one movie. 

suicide squad directors cut

Fans had plenty to say about this movie

Those who knew something about this group from the comics had much to say. Some didn’t care for the representation. Other fans thought that it was interesting but could have used more. Several fans would love to see the Ayer Cut released. 

One thing about fans is that pleasing all of them isn’t possible. Those who want to see the director’s cut have been pushing for it and have yet to see the idea gaining traction. Those who weren’t that enamored of the movie have moved on and thought that James Gunn’s version of the movie was far superior. 

This is just proof that fans are notoriously fickle and will move on when they’re given something else to look at. This is rather common in Hollywood. 

It feels as though the Ayer Cut isn’t a consideration 

James Gunn and Peter Safran have a definitive plan for the DCU. Unfortunately for David Ayer, it doesn’t involve going backward. This means that his director’s cut isn’t bound to see the light of day, however good it might be. If the movie ever does get released again, it’s bound to be because nostalgia is involved, and someone thought it was a good idea. 

There’s no way to tell which version of the 2016 movie The Suicide Squad is better as it is or as a director’s cut. But David Ayer has a very big opinion of his own creation. Honestly, that’s easy to respect. 

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