Ten Years After Superbad: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Ten Years After Superbad:  10 Things You Didn’t Know

There might be a lot of people at this time that don’t remember Superbad or don’t want to. It had it’s redeeming qualities but in truth it was more of an attempt to get loaded and have fun than it was about the goals of two friends to have sex and get popular before leaving for college. There was definitely a moment in there when the two friends were being serious and not so over the top that you had to wonder what was coming next, but it was for the most part a teen film that had few if any really redeeming qualities. This was probably what allowed it to become so popular among adolescents and young adults.

But how well did you really know the movie? Here are a few facts that might be surprising.

10. Christopher Mintz-Plasse was only 17 during shooting.

Since he was a minor his mother had to be on set during the scenes in which he was directed to get intimate. Would you really be able to do anything with your mom watching? Hopefully for Chris this meant she had to be on scene but wouldn’t required to watch.

9. Seth Rogen wrote the original script when he was 13.

No offense to the film because it was funny, but it kind of has the feel of something that a younger kid would write. Granted, it went through the process of rewrites and editing, but it still kept that ridiculous feel to it.

8. Various non-alcoholic liquids were used for alcohol scenes.

Water for vodka, apple juice for the harder stuff and so on. You didn’t really think they’d be getting loaded did you?

7. Evan Goldberg’s mom did all the penis drawings in the film.

Imagine having to ask your mom to draw this image over and over. She must be an interesting lady.

6. Seth Rogen had no intention of making a sequel despite being asked to.

He was approached to make a sequel but he put the stamp on it immediately by saying he had no plans to make another film like this.

5. The original title was The Bitter End.

Not quite as catchy is it? At least we got a film with a title that people would remember as less foreboding and more fun.

4. The hit that Emma Stone took was improvised.

That look she had on her face when she got hit was real. They decided to go with it to make the film seem a little more genuine.

3. Jonah Hill was 23 during the shooting of the film.

He was told that he was a little too old for the role, but then after reading it was given the part without question.

2. Michael Cera’s mom read the script and urged him to take the part.

When your parents think something’s good for you then it’s a sign that you should probably do it, or walk the other way.

1. Some of the cast got in on the act as well.

The stunt coordinator and the graphic artist got to play the robber and the bartender to round out the cast.

So you can love it or hate it, but Superbad was a unique movie in its own time.


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