Just for Fun: If Veterans Were In Horror Movies

Some veterans might get a kick out of this, some might not recognize any of the movies depending on how old they are, but the idea is that those at Black Rifle Coffee tend to have a lot of fun when Halloween rolls along. Their idea of entertainment in this video is insane and definitely hilarious since from start to finish it’s a good riff on how military veterans might react if they were in a horror movie. If anyone’s confused at this point they might want to take into account the idea that quite a few veterans that have seen combat and been in the thick of things at times are likely hard to scare or suffer a serious case of PTSD. The former is definitely preferable to the latter and it could be why Mat Best and his friends don’t appear to be put off by much. But reading a little bit into their background it’s also kind of easy to imagine that fake horror isn’t even close to what a lot of veterans have been through in their lives. That could be why a lot of vets would find this video highly amusing. 

Mat and his buddies don’t pull any punches as they end up spoofing several horror movies, beginning with The Purge as the welcome mat becomes an instant blood sponge as an IED is triggered to clear the front porch area. Not long after we get to see a quick Child’s Play reference as Chucky is seen humping the leg of one of the guys before he shakes it off, turning the redheaded psycho into a target as Best practices his skeet shooting. From there it gets continually ridiculous and crazy, which means that it’s nothing short of awesome and hilarious. As if there was another reason to enjoy the Veterans React and other similar series, Halloween has become a time when one can enjoy a good, old-fashioned amount of mayhem with plenty of ammunition to make things even more memorable. 

Granted, if you’re an advocate for gun control you might not get much out of this since Mat and his buddies at BRC are all about using an insane amount of firepower to accomplish what might be handled with less. But really, where’s the fun in that? When a person has Jason Voorhees coming at them it’s well-known by now that nothing short of being ripped to pieces is going to stop the hockey-mask wearing psycho, and in this clip, it’s fun to watch as Jason gets blown to pieces by a rapid and devastating attack that might actually be able to dig a sizeable trench if put to another use. The idea of running riot on the many horror monsters that exist is actually a lot of fun and to be real, Mat and his buddies do it right with superior firepower and a healthy attitude of zero f’s given. Of course, some might say that this isn’t a healthy or humorous way to joke about anything, but it’s very easy to turn away from that attitude since to be fair, one just doesn’t need that kind of negativity, it kills the vibe. 

It should be easy to laugh at a woman that deals with a werewolf with a silver sex toy, especially since the whole idea is that some of us would actually admire a woman like this who gets the job done and takes no prisoners. As for the jab at The Walking Dead and the amputee that uses his fake leg to bash in a few zombie skulls, one review that was given by another US marine made it clear that being able to laugh and carry on with a sense of humor about a missing limb is actually pretty normal. The alternative is to become depressed and whine and moan about how unfair life is that anyone would have to lose a limb in service to their country. In fact, a lot of amputees have a very good and sometimes extremely sarcastic attitude when it comes to what some see as their infirmity. Hell, if you can’t joke about it, then what can a person joke about? There is a line not to cross to be certain and it’s different for everyone, but it’s still insanely funny in this clip.

Even taking time to spoof the invisible man is great since it’s kind of a ‘you don’t see me, now you do’ as the hallway gets a liberal coating that was being held inside by the unseen assailant. Add onto that the spoofs that came next, of which the Saw spoof was one of the funniest, and you can imagine that the guys at BRC kind of anticipate Halloween when it rolls around. It’s kind of fun to think about what they might do this year since this clip is from 2020. 

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