Yup, There’s a Child’s Play TV Show: Here We Go

Yup, There’s a Child’s Play TV Show: Here We Go

You’re not dreaming and you’re not hallucinating, Child’s Play is making its way towards the small screen as of 2020 and is going to be following the continuity that was established back in 1988, yeah it’s been that long, and will disregard the remake that came out just this year. Honestly I’m not sure whether to laugh or just stand there with a confused look on my face as this story continues to roll along on an unknown track. Honestly I was on board with the first Child’s Play as it was unexpected and did great no matter that it was scary as hell. Michael Kennedy of ScreenRant seems excited for this return of one of horror’s greatest names but quite honestly the second movie was where it really started getting a little too nutty. From the third movie on things just didn’t improve as they continued to take a serious left turn into the ridiculous and over the top effects and death scenes that didn’t have nearly the impact that the first movie did. But somehow people continued to watch and continued to like it so Chucky stuck around, and Brad Dourif, one of the creepiest-looking guys in Hollywood but also one of the most talented, had a character that he was known for.

It might be better to bring Chucky to the small screen however since quite honestly the latest version of Child’s Play was a huge letdown for a lot of people, especially after it had been built up so much. There were moments of greatness that could have allowed the movie to pull itself up and really shine, but it just didn’t happen the way people thought it would. When you really stop to think about it however you get the feeling that Child’s Play, no matter how campy and how overdone it’s been throughout the movies that have already come along, just isn’t the same when it comes to using a different idea for Chucky. Brar Dourif has been doing the voice of the demented doll for so long that bringing in anyone else to do him just seems horribly wrong. Mark Hamill is a great actor without any doubt and the fact that he was tapped for the remake is something special, but again, this is Brad Dourif’s character. As much as I have to say about how this story should have found an end by now, it’s been Brad’s baby for a long time as far as Chucky goes since no one else is able to do that crazy, insane cackle that Chucky has and people might stop watching if he was to ever be replaced again. Steve Greene of IndieWire has more to say about the show.

One thing about Chucky though, especially since there’s at least one person that knows about him, that being Andy, is that you would think by now that someone could have been found to deal with Chucky and send his spirit onward in order to finally be rid of him for good. The fact that Chucky can now split his soul and send it into multiple dolls is creepy enough, but thinking that Andy is still wise to what he’s doing would beg the question as to why Andy didn’t figure out a way to get rid of him for good and be done with it. But then we wouldn’t have a story, would we? Like it or not Child’s Play is coming to TV for at least a season to see how things are going to go and how people are going to respond. It seems easy enough to think that fans will find this to be easier to get into since the ease of access should make things pretty nice. This way they won’t have to wait in vain for another movie to come out on the big screen and will be able to binge watch a season if that’s how things are going to work. At this point there aren’t a lot of details other than the fact that a few of the main characters are coming back, such as Brad Dourif, Fiona Dourif, and Alex Vincent. Those three alone should help make this into something that people will be excited to watch since the story line isn’t complete and fighting Chucky at this point is going to be insanely hard if he can simply transfer his soul without as much of an effort.

I’ll be honest, I was over Child’s Play when the second movie was over and done with, but people have locked onto this idea in a way that was kind of hard to expect or predict. Once Chucky hit the theaters the first time it almost seems that a lot of us should have seen this coming. But for better or worse, Child’s Play has become a big part of pop culture.

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