10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jo Franco

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jo Franco

Jo Franco is easily recognizable to anyone who has ever watched her on Netflix. She’s one of the biggest stars on the network appearing in, “World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals,” and she is someone worth getting to know. She showcases her down-to-earth personality, her fun sense of humor, and the fact that she’s so much like everyone else. She’s a fan favorite, and her fans enjoy watching her. However, it seems her fans know very little about her, and we are here to change that.

1. She is from Connecticut

She is not a born and raised Connecticut woman, but she does consider it home and she did spend some time living elsewhere – and she obviously travels as often as possible. She lived in Los Angeles for some time for her work and for her own personal pleasure, but she made her way back home to the East Coast, and she’s happy with her decision. She was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but her family moved when she was young.

2. She a CEO

Not only is she a CEO, she’s a CEO x2. She founded the JoClub and Shut Up and Go, but online communities that focus on travelers and such. She is happy to spend her time focused on what she loves, and what she loves is traveling – so it only makes sense that her travels are her business.

3. She is Famous Online

In addition to her two online businesses and the fact that she is part of a Netflix show, she also has her own online presence with hundreds of thousands of followers. She’s famous on YouTube. She has more than 120k people following along as she posts videos she thinks will inspire and help her fans, and her fans adore her.

4. She is a College Graduate

We say this not only because she is proud of her education and the work that she put into it, but also because it’s so easy to assume that anyone who is on television or working in the public is not educated. It’s a common misconception that those who reach fame likely spent years working as a waitress or living on friend’s couches after skipping college to become famous, but she did not. Jo Franco is a graduate of Pace University. She earned her degree in marketing and communications while there.

5. She’s Intelligent

We already know she’s smart, but did you know she can speak six languages? So many people struggle with the words of just one language on a day-to-day basis, it seems, and she is sitting here just speaking six languages without a second thought. We aren’t sure which six she knows, but we do know that she’s intelligent.

6. She’s Been Shot

While on vacation in her home country of Brazil, she was the target of a robbery. Someone tried to rob her aunt and uncle while they were traveling together by car. She was shot by the assailant as they tried to drive away and get away from the man who was pointing a gun at them. She was shot, but she is all right.

7. Her Mother Moved Because of the Dangers

Jo Franco knows that Brazil is a dangerous place. Her mother moved her family from the country when she was a little girl because it was so dangerous. She certainly never thought her daughter would end up shot and the victim of a crime merely visiting as an adult.

8. She Wants to Help People Understand

She knows she is so fortunate to live in a country where she can come and go as she pleases without worrying about being the victim of a crime, unlike people in other countries where crime is on every street and there is little protection. She’s working to raise that awareness, and it’s even more important to her now that she’s been shot and was the victim of a tragic crime.

9. She Does Not Believe in Living in Fear

If there is one thing that Jo Franco does not believe in, she does not believe that it is healthy to live in fear. Everyone dies, and living in constant fear is not healthy or conducive to a happy lifestyle. She wants people to travel the world and see it, but she knows that they cannot do that if they fear what they will find when they get there.

10. She Believes in Seizing the Day

Tomorrow is not promised. You don’t know if you will have a tomorrow or a later today. In that manner of thinking, you have to go out and make sure you are doing what you need to do. You must make sure you are living your best life every moment of every day, because you might not get another chance to do it. She is a firm believer in this, and we could not agree more.

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