10 Things You Did Not Know About Ethan Suplee’s Extreme Weight Loss

10 Things You Did Not Know About Ethan Suplee’s Extreme Weight Loss

10 Things You Did Not Know About Ethan Suplee’s Extreme Weight Loss

ethan suplee weight loss

Credit: @ethansuplee

Twenty years ago, actor Ethan Suplee was overweight, unhealthy, and not thinking about the future. In a moment, he realized that if he didn’t prioritize his health, he wouldn’t get to enjoy the one thing he most looked forward to – spending his life with the woman of his dreams. Suplee’s wife was only his girlfriend then, but he was already missing out on living his best life with her. His weight didn’t allow him to do even the simplest of activities, such as going for a walk with her, and he decided. He would now allow his life to continue to pass by without making a positive change. He found love, and he wasn’t losing it.

1. Ethan Suplee’s Wife Inspired Him to Lose Weight

More than 250 pounds were lost at this point, and Ethan Suplee can thank his long-time wife for that. She motivated him simply by loving him, and that’s all it took. He knew he could not give her a life she loved if he couldn’t enjoy it with her, and he made the change. She did not ask, but her presence was his first glimpse into what the future looked like for him versus what it should look like.

2. Suplee Weighed More than 530 Pounds at His Heaviest

Obesity is no laughing matter, and Suplee knows this. He was approximately 536 pounds and unable to be weighed at his doctor’s office because no scale was large enough. Suplee knew he had to make a change in his life. He was humiliated when he was taken to a weigh station to find out where he stood on the scale, and that was that for him.

3. His First Diet Was at Age Five

Imagine being only five and being put on your first diet. The psychological and emotional effect that must have on a child is heartbreaking. Suplee was not obese when he was five. He was chunky, and most people would agree a chunky kindergartener is adorable. However, he did not. He went on a diet; that was the first moment of a lifetime of body dysmorphia issues.

4. Ethan Supply Did Not Have Surgery To Lose Weight

Many believed that his weight loss – tremendous as it was – came after undergoing a popular weight loss surgery, but it did not. Suplee did not use gastric bypass to lose weight. He changed his lifestyle. He began eating healthy meals, and he began working out. His workout of choice is cycling. He loves riding his bike, but he’s no stranger to the gym. He works hard and continues to do so even though the weight is gone.

ethan suplee weight loss

Credit: @ethansuplee

5. He Did Have Surgery After His Weight Loss

Following his substantial weight loss, Suplee did undergo two surgeries. They were the most painful, most difficult part of his weight loss journey, too. The surgeries were to remove the excess skin from his body following a 250-pound weight loss. The skin is so stretched that it doesn’t shrink. It merely hangs there unattractively, and he could not handle that.

6. His Mental Health is Not Where He Wants it

Mental health is such a sensitive topic. Suplee recognizes this in his own life. He understands that losing weight and looking amazing is great, but his mind continues to have other opinions. He still suffers from body dysmorphia, and he has to remind himself daily not to let the negative self-talk win.

7. He’s Been in Love With His Wife Since They Were Teens

Suplee met his wife, Brandy Lewis when he was a teenager. They became friends, and their friendship grew strong. They were so close, but she was not into him. On the other hand, he was already in love with Brandy Lewis. However, she had no interest in him, and she didn’t until they began dating in 2001. This was nearly a decade after they met. They didn’t get married until 2006.

8. His Wife Accepted Him for Who He Was

When he and Lewis found one another again in 2001, she became the first person to accept him as a person. She was the first person who wasn’t worried about his weight or constantly talking to him about it. Her sheer and utter acceptance of him finally gave him the courage to help himself.

ethan suplee weight loss

Credit: @ethansuplee

9. His Weight Loss Doesn’t Make Him Happy

Suplee does not look for happiness in his lost weight. Instead, he finds it in the goals he’s met and achieved. For him, losing weight was a goal. He had many of them along the way. Get healthy by losing weight, marry the woman of his dreams, and live life with her and not from the sidelines watching her. He had goals, and it was meeting the goals that brought him such happiness.

10. He’s Actually Gained Weight Back on Purpose

He was down to an impressive nine percent body fat at one point, but it wasn’t good for him. He had to maintain some size so he could continue to work in Hollywood, so he let that go. He’s managed to find a happy medium, which worked well for the actor.

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