Jeremy Renner is Recovering Following a Snow Plow Accident


credit: MCU

Jeremy Renner is recovering following a snow plow accident. No one knows just what happened at this time, but it sounds as though the actor is currently stable. The incident happened when Renner was attempting to plow snow near his home, employing a Snowcat to make quick work of it. 

Unfortunately, the actor was seriously injured as he suffered damage to his chest and leg and also sustained orthopedic injuries. Police are treating the issue as a crime at this time due to the nature of the incident. The Snowcat is apparently equipped with safety measures to prevent such accidents. As of yet, no reason for this accident is forthcoming. 

What has occurred is that several of Renner’s costars from the MCU have reached out. Fans have made it a point to offer their love and support, as have Renner’s peers. In a serious matter like this, the whole thoughts and prayers idea is easier to embrace. Renner and his family have expressed their appreciation for the fans and the stars who have reached out. 

Fans are still waiting to hear why this happened, and it’s likely that it will take a bit of time to figure out the reason. Unfortunately, there are individuals that have seen fit to mock Renner for his injuries, which is abhorrent to many. At the end of the day, wishing someone ill due to the dislike one feels is a social taboo that many wouldn’t stoop to. 

Jeremy Renner is Recovering Following a Snow Plow Accident

credit: Mayor of Kingstown

There is a question as to how this will affect his career

Renner’s career in Hollywood has lasted since the 90s and has gone up and down. He’s struggled at times and, at other times, done quite well. His current injuries might keep him laid up for a while, however. That could mean that he might miss out on a few opportunities. He’s an established actor at this time, but it does feel as if there’s more that he could do. 

Time to heal is going to take a while, though, and rushing things is a bad idea. The types of injuries he’s sustained could have long-lasting effects depending on how well Renner heals. One has to wonder if he’s even thinking of his career. A lot of people would no doubt find themselves thankful that they’re alive. 

It does sound as though there was a bit of quick thinking on the part of a neighbor. The neighbor, who is a doctor, reportedly kept Jeremy from bleeding out until the ambulance arrived. 

Those who wish harm upon others in such situations need a serious reality check

While videos and other media have apparently shut down at this time, it was possible to see several internet trolls in action regarding this incident. Renner’s character, Hawkeye, has endured a great deal of shade and verbal abuse over the years. But those clamoring over whether the actor is dead or not are a sickening display of how dark the internet can get. 

Thankfully, the majority of fans are seeking to send their good wishes and support to Renner and his family. His reputation as Hawkeye in the MCU has gained him plenty of fans. Unfortunately, those who take the franchise way too seriously sometimes forget to detach reality from fiction. 

Jeremy Renner is Recovering Following a Snow Plow Accident

credit: MCU

Renner’s recovery does create relief for many fans

It does feel that the same news, if applied to other actors, would have met with a much different reaction. But Renner is a part of the MCU and, as such, has earned his fans like anyone else. At this time, it does sound as though Mark Ruffalo has rallied the MCU fanbase as well. There’s no doubt that the Hawkeye actor is often taken for granted. But he does add just as much to the franchise as many others. 

In fact, he adds more at times since, as a supporting character, he’s visible, but he’s also there to help out the bigger-name actors. Plus, Hawkeye is usually a fun hero to focus on since he has a very interesting backstory. His own series proved that as the Ronin suit took him back to a life he’d left behind. 

The incident does sound kind of odd

The police are taking care in trying to figure out how this reportedly happened. The safety features that generally are found on such tools as snow plows and other machinery are meant to prevent injury. However, it is likely that something can go awry, and accidents can happen

Until there’s any more information, though, it’s simply nice to know that Renner is still around. It might take some time to heal, but it does sound as though he’s going to pull through. How this will affect his future is uncertain, but the fact that he survived is enough to make many people thankful. 

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