Interesting Fact: There is a Documentary Titled Fredheads Coming in February

credit: Nightmare on Elm Street

As long as there are horror movies, there will be people who want to watch them. The fact is that people, well, some people, like to be scared and will seek out the goriest, most disturbing stories they can find. While horror movies have definitely evolved into something that is tough to equate with the films that were seen back in the 80s and 90s, there are plenty of people who continue to revere the older horror villains and cling to the older stories for reasons of their own.

Freddy Krueger has long been regarded as one of the more interesting movie villains in cinematic history. The former serial killer turned dream demon first arrived on the scene back in 1984 to terrorize the audience and invade the dreams of young teens. It’s fair to say that people didn’t know how to take this character at first since his heavily scarred visage and faded, the battered outfit was rough-looking and kind of awkward. Still, the metal knives that adorned the fingers of his right hand were even more horrifying since they’d never been seen before. Realizing that this character would go on to be revered by so many wasn’t something that a lot of people could have seen coming, but it does need to be said that many people have taken inspiration and, yes, even hope from this character. 

credit: Nightmare on Elm Street

To hear people talk, Freddy Krueger helped to change their lives. 

This is kind of an odd statement to hear about a horror villain since one would imagine that many people would be rooting for him to lose, even if he happened to be one of their favorite characters. But it does sound as though the documentary is going to explore the very real notion that people who have followed this franchise for years have found that their lives have been changed by their love of the movies in one way or another.

Inspiration is a strange thing to be certain, especially since it comes from the most unlikely places and is capable of being found in the strange but genuine following that various movie characters have created over the years. To think that Krueger would inspire anyone is kind of disturbing since the character was a serial killer, but there have apparently been positive developments in the lives of his fans that have come from their love of the movies, as the documentary apparently points out. 

In terms of cosplay, Krueger is a legend. 

There’s no doubt that Freddy has been immortalized in cinematic history since people have idolized this character for many years now. Robert Englund managed to create a villain that was not only iconic but also made people think about the movie villain’s role in highly innovative ways.

One has to remember that until Freddy came along, the idea of attacking people in their dreams in this manner wasn’t something that would have been as open for discussion. Walking into a comic or horror convention is bound to reveal at least a handful of people that have decided to don the battered fedora, the striped shirt, and the clawed glove as they strut about the place, giving their best impressions of one of the deadliest villains that have ever graced the big screen. 

credit: FredHeads

The documentary should be an exciting trip into the lore of Freddy Krueger. 

For a lot of fans, the Nightmare on Elm Street villain was rather cut and dried since he started with the movie and ended with the movie. But for fans that have taken this further and made Krueger a part of their lives is an interesting subject that might bear watching. There are plenty of people out there who look at movies and see the surface area that is presented to everyone, but as the basic idea of FredHeads announces, this is about the fans and their love of the franchise and how they’ve applied it to their lives in one way or another. The documentary should be interesting since trying to sort out why people would idolize Krueger is still a big question mark in the minds of some. 

Are people obsessed or simply impressed with Krueger? 

To be fair, a lot of people were impressed with Krueger when he came along, and some went the extra mile and became obsessed with him. The thing about obsession is that it can be positive or insanely negative. Too often, people see the negative aspects of an obsession since one has to walk a very fine line between their real life and what they love at times. But as the documentary apparently makes clear, the love for Krueger is something that many people have used to create community and kinship with each other, and that sounds positive enough to be impressive. But it’s still a head-scratcher. 

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