Why Arcee Deserves a Bigger Role in a Transformers Movie

Why Arcee Deserves a Bigger Role in a Transformers Movie

Why Arcee Deserves a Bigger Role in a Transformers Movie

There are so many Transformers and Decepticons to remember that trying to get them all in one go-around is next to impossible unless someone has memorized every last one of them. But Arcee is definitely on that a lot of us that love the Transformers should remember from the 1986 movie, especially since she had several speaking lines that were actually pretty clever and helped to make the movie what it was. The thing about Arcee however is that she’s more than just a female Transformer, which was kind of novelty at one point since there aren’t a lot of them, at least not a lot that we get to see, but she’s also a fierce fighter and the kind of personality that was seen to balance out some of the other Autobots, like Hot Rod, who became Rodimus Prime at one point. Arcee was one of the few survivors of the battle that preceded the defeat and death of Optimus Prime, and the defeat of Megatron and his Decepticons. While Arcee has made it into one of the live-action movies, her presence was kind of a here-and-gone type since she wasn’t really developed that much. 

In fact, the only female Transformer that was developed at all was the one that took on the form of an attractive young college woman that was designed to trick and attack Sam Witwicky, which was kind of an odd effect since one has to wonder how Bumblebee wasn’t able to tell who and what she was. But placing Arcee in a live-action movie would be a lot of fun to see since it’s interesting to think of what kind of vehicle they’d make her transform into the next time considering that she’s been seen in a couple of different forms over the years. But it would also be nice to see a female Transformer get in there and show that she’s not hampered by being slightly smaller than others. In the animated movie, she was bout the size of Hot Rod, close to it anyway, which means she might be a little bigger than Bumblebee but definitely smaller than Optimus Prime and a few others. 

But given that she’s a sharpshooter and is skilled in hand to hand combat it’s fair to think that she could tackle several of the Decepticons that think their size allows them to dominate the battlefield since looking at Bumblebee it’s easy to see that size isn’t everything when it comes to the Transformers. As far as what will happen when the next Transformers movie comes along, it’s tough to say at the moment since other than the rumor that we’ll be seeing a return to the Transformers that we grew up with, there’s not a lot of information at the moment as to who is going to show up and whether or not those in charge will want to use a more diverse range of Autobots and Decepticons. It’s bound to be interesting since the idea of integrating Beast Wars into the mix is bound to give a different look to the movie, and thinking about who might make the cut is intriguing since both sides of the conflict do have a lot of names to muster and a good number of individuals that kind of came and went during the history of the franchise. 

Maybe one reason that it would be nice to see Arcee in the Transformers is that it does so a bit of variety in the franchise since otherwise, every Transformer comes off as male, which has worked in the past, but it’s still worth saying that Arcee offers a different look at the franchise that might open it up to a few more female Transformers being revealed since she’s definitely not the only female that’s ever been introduced in the franchise, but she’s definitely one of the few. Getting too out of control with the introductions wouldn’t be a great idea obviously since as I mentioned, there are simply too many Transformers out there to let all of them make it into the movie, since if one went and counted how many have been pushed between the animated series, the live-action movies, and the toy line, it would take forever to get them all involved. 

Bringing Arcee in would be interesting, that’s one of the main reasons to add her, and it’s easy to think that a good number of fans would agree that it would go a long way to helping the franchise just a little bit if her entry into the movie happened to show her full range of capabilities. There’s a good chance it won’t happen simply because she hasn’t been a main character throughout the history of the franchise, but it would still be greatly appreciated. It’s not entirely likely that it would affect how many viewers the new movie would get, but it’s likely that people might take note. 

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