Batman Fans are Left Emotional from The Game Awards’ Tribute to Kevin Conroy

You have to be a fan or watcher of the Batman games to remotely understand the level of honor Kevin Conroy received during The Game Awards 2022. The award is a ceremony organized to honor the best games of the year. This year’s award took place at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles and has the award creator and producer, Geoff Keighley, as its host.

When it was time for Rocksteady Studios to present their trailer for their upcoming game, fans did not expect to be graced with its end tribute. Instead, the company revealed to fans that Kevin Conroy would be featured in its game, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, one last time.

With expectations for the game’s release, fans were pretty much aware that the game would be based in a similar universe as other Arkham games. However, with the death of Kevin Conroy, fans speculated that Batman might not feature in it or a replacement would be found.

Then, the game’s trailer began. Undoubtedly, it comes packed with amazing graphics and a storyline, but nothing prepared fans to see the iconic Batman make an appearance. Even Harley Quinn was in disbelief that Batman had killed the police officer. And then it happened!

Batman not only makes an appearance, but fans hear Kevin Conroy’s voice one last time as he drops his iconic lines: “I am Vengeance. I am Night. I am Batman!” It was all goosebumps from this point on as the theme song played along.

Who was Kevin Conroy?

Kevin Conroy

credit: Batwoman: Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two

Kevin Conroy was an American actor featured in several television films and series, as well as stage performances. However, his fame and accolades come from his voiceover role as Batman, one of DC Comics’ most influential superheroes.

His first voiceover role as Batman was in 1992 with Batman: The Animated Series. Conroy remained the voice of the character for 30 years. As far as DC Comics game fans are concerned, his voice will remain irreplaceable in their hearts and minds.

Unfortunately, the film and game world lost the legend on November 10, 2022. The actor died from colorectal cancer at Mount Sinai Hospital at the age of 66. For many who were not close to him personally, the news of his death was tragic, as Conroy never openly discussed his illness. Conroy’s death was announced in a press release by Warner Bros. Discovery in honor of his memory and duty to the studio.

Social Media Tribute

As the tribute at the end of Rocksteady Studios’ Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League played, social media was caught up in a frenzy, with fans sending in their appreciation tweets. Most notable were some tweets by diehard Batman fans.

Here are some of the tweets that leave you in awe of the icon that was Kevin Conroy.

Batman Forever

Wil Burke (@WilTheSmart1)

credit: Wil Burke (@WilTheSmart1)

There had been rumors and whispers that Rocksteady Studios would include Kevin Conroy’s Batman in the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League game. While many stayed hopeful, there was little chance it would be possible. While Batman’s character would live on, Kevin Conroy will forever remain the true Batman for many fans.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Gets New Fans

Cassidy 🌝 (@berkanami)

credit: Cassidy 🌝 (@berkanami)

If, for some reason, you weren’t big on playing recent Batman games, this is one reason to give it a try again. If not for anything, you get to hear Kevin Conroy make his iconic statement one last time. Besides, the trailer gives more than enough reason to want to play the game.

An Iconic Exit

Nifty Neffy (@NeffyNifty)

credit: Nifty Neffy (@NeffyNifty)

While Kevin Conroy’s death is still fresh in the hearts and minds of friends and fans, the tribute was a good way to remind fans of his influence on the gaming world. While fans eagerly wait for the game’s release in 2023, they’re left with the voice and one of the most famous lines of Batman.

A Beautiful Surprise

Carlos 🇨🇴 (@ThatDudeCarlito)

credit: Carlos 🇨🇴 (@ThatDudeCarlito)

Unless you’ve never played or watched Batman, voiced by Kevin Conroy, there’s no way this didn’t come as a surprise. The last thing viewers were expecting to see and hear was Batman featuring in Rocksteady Studios’ latest game and also having Kevin Conroy reprise his voice as Batman. It doesn’t matter who you are; hearing that voice again was epic!

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