Emilia Clarke Wants to Join The Avengers

Game of Thrones

Despite calling the Avengers ‘silly’ as Jon Fuge of MovieWeb states, Emilia Clarke might be in line to step into the role of an MCU superhero at some point since with GoT well and over and her movie career not taking off in the manner that one might have expected, it could be that she might move into the Marvel universe and take up a role for a while to see how things work out. Richard Madden and Kit Harrington are already on their way, and Peter Dinklage has already made an appearance, so why not? If anyone’s thinking that Clarke wouldn’t be suited to be part of the MCU then they’re giving a lot of credit to some actors that never should have been allowed to suit up, and are discounting the impact she could possibly have on one or more movies as the Marvel universe continues to roll along. Likely as not she won’t play a character that’s even close to her GoT role, but at the same time there are plenty of heroes and even villains that haven’t been introduced yet due to the fact that this is a rather large universe and there are plenty of movies and TV shows that could be on the way yet. One thing that would be easy to ask for even if we didn’t receive it is for Clarke to be a major player in a movie or a show, since she’s already proven that she can take control when she needs to.

Some fans are even interested in seeing her take on a role in the DC universe since many people are still calling for Amber Heard to be dumped from the role of Mera, and some are hoping that Emilia might be her replacement. That story is a bit lengthy and even sordid considering why fans want to see Heard stricken from the Aquaman sequel, but some are actually interested in seeing the on screen duo of Clarke and Jason Momoa team back up to see if they can bring the same level of interest to a comic book movie as they did in GoT. Whether that can happen or not in a different venue is hard to say, but one thing is pretty obvious, Clarke might actually be a big improvement over Heard when it comes to acting. If you think I’m the only saying it you might want to check out an article or two and see just what people think about this proposition. It might be that this would never come to pass, but it’s definitely something the fans are convinced that they want.

Apart from Mera however it’s kind of difficult to say who anyone would want to see her as since there are plenty of parts out there that she might be able to play. Keeping with the undersea idea, why not bring in Namorita from the New Warriors? It might even be possible to cast her as a likable villain since as a lot of people can attest, she was highly popular as the mad queen Daenerys Targaryen in the final season of Game of Thrones, as the madness seeped into her being slowly but surely as she decided to torch Kings Landing. No matter what role she took it does appear as though Clarke could please a lot of fans with her mere presence. Whether or not she’d be any good for the MCU in the long run is hard to say since the GoT group became like a giant, extended family whereas the MCU group has been together for a while but is now in the process of regrouping as they lose members and are going to be seeing new faces come in for a while. From the big screen to Disney+, whenever both are able to get moving once again, Marvel will have its hands full in attempting to keep everything straight and as effective as possible when it comes to keeping the fans happy. If they do decide to try and include Clarke the hope is that they’ll give her a role that will allow her to expand on the talent we’ve already seen plenty of with a character that she can handle and even improve upon a little.

Some might not think that this is the right move for the actress, but others are quite excited to see what might happen since she could bring a very different type of energy to the MCU. The notion of her becoming a villain is even more enticing since she could be someone that people might like to such a degree that they might very well pull for her instead of the hero of the story. That’d be a nice twist that’s been done before, but is still enticing enough to do again.

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