A Game of Thrones Convention is Coming in 2022

A Game of Thrones Convention is Coming in 2022

A Game of Thrones Convention is Coming in 2022

If anyone was of the mind that the final season of Game of Thrones had erased all desire for the story then they seriously underestimated the power that the stories of Westeros can hold over the fans. With the House of the Dragon prequel on the way and plenty of people still showing a great deal of faith in the overall story of Westeros, it’s fair to state that a GoT convention coming in 2022 will see mass numbers of fans that want to know what’s coming up and what will be next for the vaunted world created by George R.R. Martin. A lot of people might even want to know when the next book is going to drop since that’s a question that’s been floating around the internet for a while now considering that Martin, who may or may not have had too much to do during the series’ creation, has yet to really just sit down and get it done. There have been plenty of excuses as to why this hasn’t happened, writer’s block being one of the weakest but most prevalent, but at this point saying that the man has a limited imagination would likely start a fight.

The convention is bound to be impressive given all that has come from the fanbase over the years, and it even feels safe to state that there will be plenty of ideas that might come to fruition from the event since the input of the fans is bound to be loud and clear. There are ideas that a lot of fans would love to see involving certain characters that were still alive by the end of the initial show, such as Arya Stark and Jon Snow, and it would be interesting to see how Sansa and Bran Stark rule their respective kingdoms. There’s also the idea of whether the Wall would be erected again or left as it was after the Night King and his undead dragon sundered it to allow the white walkers access to the rest of the continent.

It’s also easy to imagine that a lot of people will want prequels that will deal with how the white walkers came to be and what the Night King’s story really is. There’s so much to this story that one can’t help but think that many fans would love the chance to explore the depths that even Martin hasn’t plumbed. It’s easy to see how the story has already managed to slip by Martin though since like any creator it’s tough to hold onto something once the fans get hold of it. From a copyright standpoint, there isn’t anything that can be done without Martin’s approval, or so it’s hoped, but the overall story of GoT is something that has already moved way past his perspective, kind of like Star Wars did with George Lucas. Whatever comes out of this convention is bound to be something that will be taken from the perspective of the fans, while the creator of GoT is bound to just sit back and watch, and try to keep up in his own way.

That sounds a little silly, doesn’t it? How could a creator possibly lose track of their own creation, right? Had Martin finished the books it’s likely that the story would have ended very differently, not to mention that it could have ended worse or far better than it did. But creating side stories in the meantime for various characters might have been nice, as would fleshing out certain details that were missed during the story that people still want to hear and see more of in the day to come. The convention is one way that Martin has lost control of his creation in a big way, but it’s fair to say that he’s reaping the benefits despite not seeing it through to the end just yet. It’s easy to criticize a man that hasn’t finished a project that’s TV adaptation has been over and done with for the past couple of years, even if he’s been made rich off of it and doesn’t need to worry as much. But from an author’s standpoint, it’s disappointing to think that someone created something and didn’t see it through to the end before it was finally revealed.

Oh well, GoT has grown far beyond the books and the show in any case, and the convention is bound to be one more way to prove that, as it will likely be one of the biggest events for GoT fans in the coming months since House of the Dragon is set to become yet another great story that will depict the rule of the Targaryen’s and their rise to and fall from power over the course of three centuries. What will come after that is anyone’s guess, but GoT fans will be there to welcome it to the franchise.another great story

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