10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jennifer Ashton

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jennifer Ashton

When Jennifer Garfien was born, the world did not know she’d eventually go on to become Dr. Jennifer Ashton, the medical correspondent watched regularly on so many television shows by so many Americans. Fast forward almost 53 years, and she is a household name or at least a recognizable face and trusted resource for many. While it’s true that many currently question everything they see and hear on the news – especially as it pertains to medical information in this day and age – she’s someone who has worked herself into the hearts of millions, and she has a large fan base. If you don’t know much about Dr. Ashton, now is the time to learn.

1. She’s a Spring Baby

Born on April 23, 1969, she is ready to celebrate her 53rd birthday in 2022. She was born on an Air Force Base, but her parents were not in the Air Force. She did not grow up on the Air Force base in which she was born, either. In fact, we aren’t sure why her family was there when it was time for her birth.

2. She is a California Girl

Speaking of that Air Force Base, it was located in California. She was born at the George Air Force Base in California, which officially makes her a California girl. Of course, she was raised in New York City, so she’s also officially a New Yorker despite her birth on the other side of the country.

3. Medicine Runs in the Family

Her mother, father, and brother are all medical professionals. Her father, Dr. Oscar Garfien, is a cardiologist. Her mother, Dorothy Garfien, is a registered nurse. Her brother, Dr. Evan Garfien, is the Chief of both plastic and reconstructive surgery at a New York Hospital, per Wikipedia. It seems the concept of wanting to go into medicine and help those who need it is one that is important to everyone in her family.

4. She is an Ivy League Graduate

She was educated in New York City, and she eventually went on to college. She didn’t go small, either. She is a Columbia University graduate. She obtained both her bachelor’s and her medical degrees while she was at Columbia. She liked it there, and her education is one for the books.

5. She is an Author

In addition to authoring multiple articles for many magazines and medical journals, she is also a woman who has authored three books. Her extensive medical knowledge allows her to speak freely and with authority on many situations and medical topics, and she is not afraid to share.

6. She is Divorced

She married her husband in 1996. His name was Dr. Robert Ashton Jr. He was both a cardiac and thoracic surgeon, and they worked because they both understood the life and the demands of a medical professional. However, their marriage did not work out, and their divorce was finalized approximately 21 years after they exchanged vows. Together, they share two children.

7. She Went Through Hell

Following the finalization of her divorce in 2017, her newly minted ex-husband jumped off the George Washington Bridge and died by suicide. Despite their marriage being over for two weeks – officially – she was shattered. As a mother, she was left to raise her two children on her own, to grieve with them, and to explain to them why their father would take his own life. It is, we imagine, one of the most painful experiences in a mother’s life.

8. She is Newly Engaged

Despite the rocky years and the tragic loss of her children’s father after her failed marriage, Dr. Jennifer Ashton did not give up on finding love. She is happy to announce her engagement. She was engaged at the beginning of 2022 to a man who is a television producer. His name is Tom Werner. He popped the question on New Year’s Eve 2021.

9. Her New Man is Older

Dr. Jennifer is only 52, and her new fiancé is almost 20 years her senior at the age of 71. However, age doesn’t matter to them. They are happy together, and their friends who introduced the pair at the beginning of 2021 say that they are soulmates who knew instantly that they were meant to be together. It works for them, and they are exceptionally happy.

10. They Don’t Mind Just Getting Married Alone

They’re currently hoping to wed later in 2022 and have their friends and family present, but if that doesn’t work out and it’s just the two of them on their wedding day – their friends don’t think they’d mind a bit having that moment to themselves.

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