It Sounds Like Will Smith Wants to be Deadshot Again

There were definitely rumors that were started and passed around when Will Smith didn’t return for James Gunn’s recent Suicide Squad, and it’s possible that a lot of people might have believed a few of them. But the truth is that there was a scheduling conflict that didn’t allow him to take part in the movie, and there are a few hints here and there that might have been kind of true, but not ironclad since it appears that Smith would love to get back into the swing of things with the next Suicide Squad project if Gunn would have him. It’s fun to think of what might have happened had Deadshot been a part of the most recent movie, but it’s also easy to think that it would have been too much for one movie. In fact, having Idris Elba and John Cena was enough since the competitive streak that both characters exhibited was beyond obvious considering their hilarious romp through the rebel camp. Adding Deadshot to that blood-soaked escapade might have felt a bit odd since the character isn’t quite as indiscriminate about his killing. 

Don’t get me wrong, Deadshot isn’t exactly a stand-up sort of character since he is an assassin and for the right price will kill anyone. But unlike Bloodsport and Peacemaker, he’s not exactly the bloodthirsty type and he’s not about to kill anyone that he doesn’t have to. It might have been different in the movie had he been there, but it still feels awkward to state that he would have been as dedicated to the wanton destruction as the others were. He might have had his character changed a bit, but it’s tough to say. Now that it’s apparent that he’s open to coming back though, it’s easy to think that we could possibly see him show up, if that’s the plan, here and there in the DC universe. That’s kind of interesting really. 

The idea that Deadshot might show up in the DC universe again is intriguing, especially if Will Smith is remaining open to the possibility. That kind of makes a person wonder just where he might show up again, if it will be another Suicide Squad movie first (since James Gunn is apparently open to the idea), or if he’ll pop up in another movie first just to get the ball rolling on his character once again. Either way, seeing Deadshot back in DC would be a lot of fun, especially if he was able to cut loose and really get down to business. After all, one of the biggest failings of the first Suicide Squad was that it felt a little too pedestrian for a group of villains that were taking on a serious threat that only they could handle. If he had been able to appear in The Suicide Squad it’s fair to think that he might have torn things up in a way that would have been fun to see, and would have made for a three-way competition for who could complete the best and most innovative kill. It’s a thought that brings a rather disturbing smile to my face since it would have been amusing to watch, but in the end, it’s hard to think that Deadshot would have been the odds-on best among the three. 

If he comes back, and if James Gunn takes on another Suicide Squad movie, it does feel as though things would need to take a serious turn considering that in the recent movie, Amanda Waller lost control of her team and the remaining survivors of the squad were seen to walk away with their lives. Perhaps another movie would show Deadshot and whoever could be coerced into another mission to go after the survivors, which would end up creating a serious fight that would be nothing short of epic. If Peacemaker was to come back it would be even better since that kind of a movie would be off the charts and would likely be something that fans would be analyzing and debating up until the opening day. That’s assuming that everything would go to plan and that there would be no scheduling conflicts and that Smith wouldn’t back out at the wrong moment. 

It’s way too soon to say that yes, this could and will happen, but there’s always that small hope that things could work out and that the movie could go forward in a way that might bring in superheroes as well as other villains that might be made part of a new Task Force X. To say that this would be something that would be embraced is putting it lightly since fans would likely be a little bit split on whether it would be a good idea or a bad one. But one thing is abundantly clear: it wouldn’t be boring. 

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