Guess Who’s Replacing Al Roker In ‘Today’?

Guess Who’s Replacing Al Roker In ‘Today’?
Guess Who’s Replacing Al Roker In ‘Today’?

Credit: @somaratheodore

Fans all over the world have been missing the Today Show weatherman, Al Roker. He has been away for a while recovering from pretty serious health conditions, and we all wish him the best. However, in the meantime, NBC gave us a pretty good surprise that has had Today fans going wild with excitement. Somara Theodore temporarily replaced Al Roker, and we’re all rocking with it. Of course, we still do miss Al’s signature flair, but Somara managed to win all our hearts.

Who Is Somara Theodore?

Guess Who’s Replacing Al Roker In ‘Today’?

Credit: TEDx Talks

The lovely Lady is a meteorologist at WRC-TV in Washington, D.C. It was just a normal cold Tuesday morning when we were graced by her beautiful presence on The Today Show. The best part about Theodore is that she’s a beauty, loaded with a whole lot of brains. Her achievements are pretty stellar, and one can’t help but admire her.

Theodore is the meteorologist for NBC’s Weekend Today, but on occasion, she has stopped by CNBC and MSNBC for weather forecasts. This is just the beginning of how impressive she is. Theodore is also an Emmy Award Winner! She won her coveted accolade when she worked in Georgia during the time she spent in Ohio.

Somara Theodore On Instagram!

Of course, we’ll look you up if we love you, and of course, we’ll want to every little thing about you. It’s just a role model thing to influence thousands or even millions of others who want to be like you. So, I am happy to announce that with the recent spike of interest in our beloved meteorologist, she has just joined Instagram.

And guess what her first post was about? Yap, it was about how excited she had been on her first forecast of Tuesday’s Today Show Broadcast.

Guess Who’s Replacing Al Roker In ‘Today’?

Credit: TEDx Talks

“Filling in for Al this cold morning! Holiday travel will yield delays as a result of this storm moving thru such a wide swath of the country,” Somara Theodore wrote.

That wasn’t the end of it, dear fans, she then posted a behind-the-scenes photo that showed off a part of her beautiful orange dress. Wait, did I tell you how dazzling she looked? She wore a vibrant orange dress that just made that cold morning warm and sunny.

Theodore then posted her forecast, and it was about the major storm that we should expect in the eastern half of the country.

“46 million people are already under alerts and that number will continue to grow,” Theodore wrote.

I honestly wouldn’t mind listening to gloomy news when it comes from her because she just has a way of making you feel that, you know, it’s all right, everything will be just all right.

Will Somara Theodore Become A Permanent Replacement?

This is honestly a hard section to talk about because we all still love and adore Al Roker. I don’t think we’re ready to say goodbye. So, let’s just talk about whether our new Star will be brought in again to fill in for Al Roker.

The answer is that we honestly don’t know. Al Roker still needs some more time to recover from his blood clots health complication, so at least we can be expecting her, right? All that we’re sure off is that if NBC does decide to keep bringing Theodore to our screens, there will be no complaints at all. This is simply because she won the hearts of everyone who watched her, and I’m pretty sure those who didn’t are looking her up.

Some Loving Comments From Fans

Many took to her Instagram, showing her all the love and praise they felt. I think it’s really important to show these celebrities how much they do for us.

“Bringing brightness and energy to an otherwise not great forecast,” one fan wrote on Theodore’s Instagram page

“Young talent. Congratulations,” another added.

More About Her

The new sensation is a graduate of Penn State University majoring in Meteorology. According to her WRC-TV bio, Theodore is a Maryland native. Somara Theodore’s journey to success started in Savannah, Georgia, just before she moved to Cleveland, Ohio. This was where the beauty impressed everyone by winning an Emmy Award for her forecast of a deadly plane crash. She then moved to Washington, D.C., in 2017, and all we can say is that her future is as bright as the pretty dress she wore.

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