Five Actors We’d Like to See Play Chris Cuomo in a Movie

Five Actors We’d Like to See Play Chris Cuomo in a Movie

News anchor Chris Cuomo is an interesting celebrity personality who has made a name for himself in the field of journalism. He delivers excellent commentaries on political affairs thanks to his strong background and family ties in government. He is the son of former New York governor Mario Cuomo and the current governor of the state of New York, Andrew Cuomo is his brother. He’s well known for focusing upon controversial social issues in his reporting. He’s led an interesting life, and his life’s story would make an excellent movie, but only if the right actor took on the task of playing the part of Chris. Here are the actors that we think would do an excellent job and the reasons why.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage bears a decent resemblance to Chris Cuomo. Although the personalities of the two men are nothing alike, Cage is known for his versatility in acting. We could very easily see him reacting to being called “Fredo,” in a fit of anger, which Cage does so very well. Cuomo took exception to the nickname and shared his personal dissatisfaction with the jab when he stated that calling an Italian American “Fredo” is like calling an African American the “N” word. Cuomo went on a disturbing rant which evoked embarrassment on the part of some. Nick Cage was spectacular in the film “Face Off” as well as “Family Man.” He does a good rant and he looks enough like Chris to pull it off.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper most recently appeared with Lady Gaga in the remake of “A Star is Born,” showing his versatility as an actor. Although there’s not a great deal of physical resemblance to Chris Cuomo, He’s shown that his acting abilities allow him to play diverse roles and when it comes to drama, and showing raw emotion, he delivers in grand style, making his characters highly believable. In his personal life, he is of Italian descent on his mother’s side and he also has the experience of being the child of NBC station employee, which gives him a glimpse into the real world of journalism, first hand. We think Bradley has what it takes to deliver a mixture of charm, and persistence, as well as showing raw emotions as we’ve seen Chris Cuomo do when covering highly sensitive subjects in his reporting.

Ralph Macchio

Ralph Macchio bears a little closer resemblance to Chris Cuomo than Bradley Cooper does. One of the traits that would make Ralph an excellent choice to play the role of Chris Cuomo is his youthful appearance. With the magic that the makeup artists are able to work on the set, it wouldn’t take a lot of effort to make Macchio look years younger to play the part of a younger Cuomo, perhaps during his college years, then aging him throughout the film to present day. You might remember Macchio from his role in “The Karate Kid.” He’s only a couple of years older than Chris Cuomo, and he has the acting ability to pull off the role of a hard-hitting journalist with family connections in the local government.

Mark Ruffalo

Ruffalo is 51 years of age, making him just a few years younger than Chris Cuomo, but he also has a youthful appearance with a few minor touch-ups. Mark is a critically acclaimed actor who has the look of an educated intellectual. Cuomo is a lawyer in addition to being a journalist and Ruffalo is an actor who can play the role of an everyday guy, a superhero or a more sophisticated journalist, such as Chris. We could see him fitting perfectly into the role of Cuomo, and making it believable (

Milo Ventimiglia

Milo Ventimiglia is best known for his role as Jack Pearson in the hit television series “This Is Us.” He’s received the Screen Actors Guild award for his outstanding performance as well as two Emmy Award nominations, a Critic’s Choice Award most recently in 2019 along with multiple other recognitions for his acting ability. Milo, also known as Mi could do an excellent delivery of Chris Cuomo because of his unique style that opens up the personality and inner thoughts of the character to give viewers a close look at the character. He excels in developing the persona of his characters and makes them highly believable. He has the right profile and looks for playing the part and we think that Milo would be a top candidate for representing Chris Cuomo in film.

Final thoughts

Not just any actor could do justice in the role of Chris Cuomo. This occasionally fiery celebrity personality is unimitable and unique in his own right, but there are a few male actors who cold either nail the role or come close. Nicholas Cage is similar in appearance, and certainly has the poise for representing the sophisticated side of Cuomo. Bradley Cooper is our second choice with the qualities and ability to deliver a believable rendition of Cuomo, and Mark Ruffalo also presents similar qualities yet in a more direct manner, which is how Cuomo comes across to his audience. Ralph Macchio would perhaps offer one of the best choices thanks to his youthful appearance, but Milo Ventimiglia, in our opinion is the actor who would be the most likely to hit the nail on the head in his representation of Chris Cuomo. Ventimiglia has been reaching into our homes and our hearts as Jack Pearson and delivering high on the development of Jack, and viewers feel that they actually know the character in his fullness. We’d love to see Milo take a shot at playing a biographic film about the highly interesting life of Chris Cuomo. Although each of the five actors we’ve highlighted in our list of the best actors to play Chris Cuomo would do an excellent job, our top pick would be Milo.Nicolas Cage

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