Is the DC Universe About to Blow Up in a Big Way?

Does anyone else get the sense that DC is getting ready for a big push forward? It’s been coming for a while it would appear, as the idea that DC has been languishing in an attempt to keep up with Marvel, even if it’s been stated that they stopped attempting to do this, has been nearly eradicated. Talking to the fans about such a thing is kind of a pointless endeavor at times since those that are divided along the DC/MCU lines might give any number of answers as to why one side is better. Those that happen to love both are a little more reasonable in stating that there’s no need to really compare and contrast the two companies since over the years both have put up great stories, and the whole copycat issue and who stole which character or story has been a serious exercise in banality that many have grown tired of over the last decade or so. The truth is that the DC universe has been far more successful at times, and the MCU is still the new kid on the block when it comes to being a major success story. 

It’s true that the MCU has definitely outdone the DC universe in a few ways in the movies, but on TV, and in recent years, DC has come surging forward with its own successes and has managed to become a serious contender when it comes to the types of stories that are being unleashed upon the fans. The Batman is coming up eventually in 2022, The Flash is making his way to the big screen, Aquaman 2 is coming, there’s talk of a Wonder Woman 3, and there’s an unending discussion about the Justice League and how it could be salvaged, and there are several other ideas in the process at the moment. To say that DC is languishing in any way at this time isn’t just inaccurate, it’s an outright lie. The push that this company is experiencing at this time is great enough that even the various internet sites that focus far and wide on just about anything that has to do with movie or entertainment news have been fixated quite a bit on DC. 

Some of the information is kind of frustrating since it’s more about small and innocuous things that might not mean that much in the long-term but could be interesting to superfans and diehards that want to know everything, as in what the actors playing the heroes like to eat, what their favorite morning routine is, blah, blah, blah. Hey, it’s interesting to some people so it’s bound to make the news, but when it comes to the movies and the TV shows there’s a lot happening and it’s being covered almost religiously at this time, making it clear that whatever DC is doing at the moment is bound to make the company stick out in a big way in the days and months to come. It’s kind of interesting to think of what might happen when DC and Marvel go head to head at the theaters in the coming year or two since the MCU isn’t exactly resting on their laurels at the moment as they have a large number of projects going as well. 

In the end though it’s fair to think that the fans are simply going to accept that two of their favorite companies are doing everything they can to impress their respective fanbases, which is funny since the most loyal and devoted among them are those that absolutely love both companies since they provide great stories that don’t need to be compared. What might split the fanbase even further though is a Marvel/DC crossover, which a lot of people want to see since one can only imagine how big of a debate this would cause given that the powers and abilities of the various heroes and villains would be tossed about like water balloons, and might prove just as fragile depending on who’s telling the story. It’s definitely important for both DC and the MCU to establish their current paths before taking on such a project, which is rumored to at least be floating around in the ether at the moment. If you’re thinking it would be awesome no matter what, you’re probably right, but the heated arguments to come are going to be akin to weathering a sandstorm right out of Mad Max: Fury Road. Yeah, lightning strikes included. 

All joking aside though, it does feel as though DC is about to make a big push forward and the constant announcements and a noticeable number of articles out there feels like adequate confirmation that the company will continue to build and push each property as much as it can in order to entertain the fans and continue to grow. What we can expect to see though is still kind of unknown since there’s still a while to come in terms of when the big guns are going to be released and how fans will receive them. 

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