The Five Best Moments Of the “Don’t Worry Darling” Trailer

Alice (Florence Pugh) and Jack (Harry Styles) are lucky to be living in Project Victory, the experimental company town housing the men who work for the top-secret project and their families. Life is perfect, with every resident’s needs met willingly. All they ask in return is their unquestioning commitment to the cause. But when cracks in their idyllic life begin to appear, exposing flashes of something much more sinister lurking beneath the attractive façade, Alice can’t help questioning what they’re doing in Project Victory, and why. Just how much is Alice willing to lose to expose what’s really going on in paradise?

Showcasing Alice and Jack’s Love

Don’t Worry Darling seem to be a mix of sci-fi, romance, and drama. If that’s the case then the early portion showcasing the love between Alice and Jack is crucial. Given the fact that the story hinges on the housewife, this part was vital, but the important thing is that audiences need to feel the love between Alice and Jack. Florence Pugh is tremendous and has shown her incredible range in films such as Midsommar, Black Widow, and Little Women. Styles is fairly new on the filmmaking side. He wasn’t given much chance to show his range in Dunkirk. Still, both seem to have some nice chemistry with one another based on the few snippets shown in the trailer. If Don’t Worry Darling can get audiences invested in their journey through this mysterious project, then it shouldn’t have any trouble pulling off the emotional beats that weigh on the strangeness of their situation. Don’t Worry Darling seems to be going for an Oscar: Will it become the critical darling that it could be? Or another overrated dud?

The Victory Project

And the plot thickens. The first few seconds establishes the couple portrayed in the film; however, Don’t Worry Darling finally gets into the root of it’s story. It appears that this new community is a personification of perfection: upscale cars and houses, and a luxurious lifestyle all around. Toss in the fact that these couples are living happily ever after and everything seems to fall in line. All this company is asking for is their unquestioning commitment. Sounds like trouble is brewing. Exactly what’s the purpose of this experiment? In fact, what is project Victory? What kind of world has Jack, Alice, and the other protagonists sign up for? The sci-fi elements are indeed intriguing and there appears to be some type of social commentary along with the Olivia Wilde feature. Is Don’t Worry Darling taking a hit against societal standards of the 195os? Or are there more surprises that have been left out in the trailer that completely changes the film’s perspective? We’ll surely find out of September 23.

Alice Crushes an Egg

Did you ask what Project Victory is about? That haunting question comes later following the images that exemplify the perfect life these couples live now under this community. However, within this paradise, there’s clearly something very wrong. The first sign is that Alice cracks an egg, but there’s nothing inside. This moment likely builds up to the stranger moments in this world, but combined with the mysterious vortex Alice saw as a plane flew by, Don’t Worry Darling does an excellent job of building up the mystery of this community. Hopefully, once that secret is revealed, it lives up to the hype that the trailer has done a masterful job of building up.

Alice Floating Underwater

Alice is now in a sunken place. The interesting aspect of Don’t Worry Darling isn’t just about the mystery of Project Victory, but how this situation is affecting Alice and Jack. The paranoia is getting the better of the former and it’s clearly tearing them apart. This adds an incredible layer to already complex story. Is Jack behind this operation as well? Surely, he couldn’t be so naive to fall for a company that’s seemingly giving you the perfect life as long as you don’t ask any questions. This could be an important character study that really challenges Alice, and puts into prospective of her place in the world during this time. Don’t Worry Darling could ultimately turn out to be a disappointing mess, but the mixture of genres and themes really makes this standout as something to watch for fall 2022.

Alice Running Through The Canyon

Is this climax? Project Victory is not what it seems and the whole world has been shaken thanks to Alice’s suspicion about the entire thing. What got her to this point? Did Alice change-up the status quo by going against the grain and fighting back against Frank. Whatever the case may be, the horror within Project Victory have shown some of the consequences of both pleasure and pain in the trailer, and it surely seems like twisted and mind bending wild ride from beginning to end.

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