It Appears Florence Pugh is Going to Head up a Black Widow Sequel

It Appears Florence Pugh is Going to Head up a Black Widow Sequel

It Appears Florence Pugh is Going to Head up a Black Widow Sequel

It’s hard to believe that there was even a question as to whether this would happen or not since the moment that Florence Pugh was announced to be a part of the Black Widow movie it was easy to think that she might be a fit replacement for Scarlett Johansson. Given the issues that ScarJo has had with Disney lately, it’s fair to say that Pugh is the safe choice as well as the best one since she’s already shown what she can do on the big screen and it’s fair to think that pushing her forward in Phase 4 will see a lot of fan approval given that she’s already shown to be nearly on par with her ‘older sister’ character. Yelena Belova has already become a fan favorite in many ways and the fact that she might be pointed at Hawkeye and set in attack mode thanks to the post-credits scene in Black Widow is kind of interesting. It’s also intriguing to think that the Avengers might actually fragment as they did in the comics and be split into teams, but that’s a discussion for a different story.

Right now it’s easy to wonder when the second Black Widow movie might come out and who will feature as the main villain. Or, perhaps this will show Yelena going after Hawkeye, which would be an impressive battle really if the two of them knew nothing about each other. It’s all a matter of what Natasha might have revealed once she’d returned to the Avengers if anything. But if Yelena is made to believe that Clint Barton was responsible for the death of her sister it could be a very emotional fight that might even turn deadly. It’s hard to believe that Yelena would be allowed to kill Clint though since despite what anyone thinks about Jeremy Renner’s performance, the guy has been great since he came in for a cameo in Thor.

Yelena’s entrance into the wider world of the MCU feels as though it might start off on a very deadly and misconstrued noted simply because of the misinformation she’s been given, and yet for all that, it’s likely the best way to bring her in since simply introducing her doesn’t sound like it would be as much fun. The MCU is changing in a big way as the months roll by since only a few noted characters that have been around for a while are still here, while the big names are on their way out or have already left. It’s already been established that Riri Williams will be headed to the MCU to become Ironheart, while the line of succession in the Black Panther sequel is still uncertain. Some people want to see Shuri become queen, while others would rather see someone else take over the role of leader to Wakanda. Thor is still around, but for how much longer is hard to say, while Captain Marvel is still there, as is the Hulk, who will be welcoming in She-Hulk. Even Spider-Man is still around, though for how much longer is hard to say.

The continuing changes are going to leave a very different landscape for the MCU but at this time it does feel that people are going with it and are going to gladly accept the changes they see since the heroes and villains that are being introduced are kind of hit and miss at the moment, but there is a lot to come that people are truly anticipating. Yelena will become one of those that wasn’t all that well known to start with, kind of like Shang-Chi, but will no doubt find a lot of acceptance among the MCU faithful, especially since she’ll be a legacy character that will help to keep things going. At some point, one has to imagine that we’re going to see the final take for those that helped to kick things into gear from the start. Thor, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and a few others are all that is left really, since it’s fair to assume that Nick Fury and several others will be moving on eventually as well. Yelena, Shang-Chi, and whoever else are brought on in the days to come will be those that will keep things moving until it becomes their turn to fade out.

One big hope for the MCU is that Disney will continue to push characters that people actually want to see, as the rumors of the Fantastic Four and the X-Men are still strong, and many other characters are being brought up as well. Getting away from what’s been done before is going to be tricky, but it’s definitely possible so long as the writers are able to find different storylines to work on that will keep things moving in a positive direction.Shang-Chi

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