10 Things You Didn’t Know about Humaira Asghar

The name Humaira Asghar has been in the press a lot lately…but it’s all by mistake. Her name is Humaira Asghar Ali, and she is a famous actress and model in the Pakistan area. She is not, however, the social media star who lit a fire in a forest and used it to make a video for her online account. That would be Nousheen Syed. Syed is the one who posted a video of herself in front of a forest fire for likes, and the media simply mistook her for the famous actress. The actress is now asking all publications to correct the issues, and she is not happy about the situation. Today, we’re telling you about the woman in the photos above, and her name is Nousheen Syed – not Humaira Asghar Ali.

1. She’s a Social Media Star

She’s a TikTok star with more than 11 million followers, and she is very famous. She’s located in Pakistan. She appears to have been born and raised there, and she has grown wildly popular there for her videos, photos, and what she shares.

2. People are Unhappy with A Video She Posted

She recently posted a video of herself next to a forest fire with a caption that speaks to the point that she is someone who has fire following her everywhere. The fact of the matter is that the heat right now where she lives is out of control and the area is suffering tremendously. She found that the video did not elicit the kind of response she thought. Rather than finding it creative, the world found it distasteful.

3. She Has Removed the Video

She’s since removed the video from her platform, but the damage has been done. She is not going to find that the world forgets about this one quickly enough for her own liking, and many people have screenshot the video and have saved it for their own personal use. It’s not going well for her at the moment.

4. She Says She Didn’t Set the Fire

Her brand is, pun not intended, under fire right now following the release of the video. She does say that she did nothing wrong because simply videoing a fire is not a crime. She says she did not set the fire and she had nothing to do with it, but it simply worked in her favor to shoot the content she shot.

5. She’s Following Trends

It turns out she is not alone in this mess. She is someone who is only doing what she has seen online as it has become a trend for people to set fires and do this for views. However, no one seems to understand that setting fire to the forest for a photo in a hot and dry climate is far more dangerous than they seem to think it is.

6. She Is not the Famous Actress

The entire world is confused about what happened here, but it seems that this is just a case of mistaken identity. The news and the media mistook the famed actress Humaira Asghar Ali is not the woman accused of setting fire to anything, nor does the woman accused of setting fire even have the same name.

7. She Does Use a Stage Name

Maybe stage name is the wrong thing to say about it, but she does use a name that is not her own name when she posts online. She calls herself Dolly, and it works for her. The reason she chose to call herself Dolly is unknown to us, but it works for her.

8. She is Causing Serious Drama

In addition to being accused of lighting a forest on fire for a simple post, she’s also in the middle of a slanderous situation – through no fault of her own in this case – because the media used the wrong name when reporting this incident. Now a famous actress is working overtime to do damage control to clear her own name because she did not do this.

9. It Appears a Man Started the Fire

There is some rumor that a man started the fire on his own property and she just happened upon it. He did so to kill the snakes in the vegetation that are a danger to himself and to his family, and Dolly shared a video of it to her own account online.

10. She’s Facing Serious Issues

There does not appear to be an end in sight for any of this, and she is going to work overtime for some time to make sure she can get past this. The problem caused by this video has caused millions of people to take offense, and we can’t figure out how she will get over this.

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