How Much Do You Really Know About “Marilyn Monroe”?

How Much Do You Really Know About “Marilyn Monroe”?
How Much Do You Really Know About “Marilyn Monroe”?

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Marilyn Monroe, one of the most famous and beautiful blondies of the 19th century, whose death left us all wondering and in deep shock. Her life and death are still subjects of controversy. However, I recall feeling impressed by how she carried herself when I first saw her on screen. Although all of us could do with some answers related to her death, I think there is much to explore in her life. She is the most iconic actress in Hollywood history, setting the silver screen on fire. 

These were her words in her final interview, just a day before she died at age 36.

“When you’re famous, you kind of run into human nature rawly,” she observed. “It stirs up envy; fame does. People you run into feel that, well, who is she—who is she, who does she think she is, Marilyn Monroe?”

This same question remains, even decades after her death. So who was Marilyn Monroe, and what is the mystery behind her tragic death?

Traumas Of Her Early Life

Born as “Norma Jeane Mortenson,” Marilyn Monroe did not have an easy childhood. Her mother, Gladys Pearl, could not take care of her, so Marilyn was placed in a foster home when she was two weeks old. Her mother tried to regain her custody but was diagnosed with schizophrenia. After that, Marilyn rarely had contact with her mother, who outlived her and died in 1984. She was reared by 12 foster parents and, once, also in an orphanage. The traumas of her early life left her traumatized.

Did Marilyn Monroe Ever Meet Her Father?

For a long time, no one was sure who Marilyn Monroe’s father was, but the theories were abundant. It is reported that Gladys showed young Marilyn a photograph of a man and told her that he was her father. The person in this photograph was “Charles Stanley Gifford.” But was he her biological father? This was not proven until 2022 when a DNA test was performed on Marilyn’s hair strand and a cheek swab of one of Charles’s great grand-children. It was proven that “Charles Stanley Gifford” was Marilyn’s biological father. 

And did Marilyn ever meet her father? Well, yes, she did. But it did her no good and left her heart broken. When Marilyn met her biological father and explained who she was, he responded: “I am married, and I have a family. I don’t have anything to say to you. Call my lawyer.”

Married Life Of Marilyn Monroe

At age 16, Marilyn married her neighbor “James Dougherty.” But the marriage did not last long, and neither did her two other marriages with “Joe DiMaggio” and “Arthur Miller.” She had no children and went through three miscarriages. It is rumored that she had an abortion, but no evidence supports it.

Blonde; Is It The True Story?

How Much Do You Really Know About “Marilyn Monroe”?

Credits @marilynmonroe

Based on a novel by Andrew Dominik, Blonde is a beautifully fictionalized peek into the inner life of Marilyn Monroe. The movie is believed to be not based on the truth. So if you are looking for answers, it might not be a reliable source. However, it is believed that “Blonde” blurs the lines between facts and fiction to provide a narrative of the mysterious life of “Marilyn Monroe.”

The Fall Of A Star

On August 4, 1962, Marilyn Monroe was found dead on her bed, lying nude, face down, with a telephone in her hand and empty bottles of pills littered all over the floor. On this dark and depressing evening, when her maid could not raise her, she saw the light from under her locked doors and called the police shortly after midnight. Was it suicide? Or was she killed after being threatened to reveal her relationship with the Kennedy brothers? It is rumored that she had information linking the two men to crime. Although these conspiracy theories have persisted, there is insufficient evidence to support these claims, Marilyn Monroe is believed to have died because of an overdose of pills prescribed for her depression. She died from acute barbiturate poisoning, labeled as ‘probable suicide.’

How Much Do You Really Know About “Marilyn Monroe”?

Credits @marilynmonroe

Marilyn Monroe is best defined as something that cannot be natural but is still accurate. Like an ‘artificial creation of a woman.’ It leaves us wondering how much of us is natural and how much of our identity is made. 

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