Who Is Beyonce’s Half-Sister, Koi Knowles?

Koi Knowles

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Beyonce is easily one of the most famous people in the entertainment industry. Over the course of her career, she went from being the lead singer of an R&B group to one of the biggest pop stars in the world. She has also dabbled in acting, where she found success on the big screen. However, despite her fame, she has always been a very private person. For that reason, many people may not be aware of the fact that she has a younger half-sister named Koi Knowles. That’s right, Solange isn’t Beyonce’s only sister, but there are several reasons why she’s the only one who most people know about. Keep reading to learn more about Koi Knowles.

Who Is Koi Knowles’ Mother?

Thanks to her last name, you’ve probably been able to guess that Koi and Beyonce share the same father, Matthew Knowles. However, you may be wondering who her mother is. Koi’s mother is a woman named TaQoya Branscomb, who is originally from Houston, Texas which is also Beyonce’s hometown. Although we weren’t able to find any details about how TaQoya and Matthew met, we do know that their relationship began while he was still married to Beyonce’s mother, Tina.

During an interview with Vibe in 2014, TaQoya stated, “Mathew and I had a romantic relationship in 2009 during a difficult time in his life.” TaQoya also insisted that her relationship with Matthew had nothing to do with her wanting to be in close proximity to the spotlight. The fact that TaQoya and Matthew’s relationship was the result of an affair probably did not sit well with Beyonce seeing as how she fired him as her manager not long after finding out that he had cheated on Tina on numerous occasions.

Another complicated detail is the fact that Taqoya was allegedly a good friend of Solange’s, which means that she is significantly younger than Matthew.

How Old Is Koi Knowles?

Although we don’t know her exact date of birth, we know that Koi Knowles was born in 2010, which means that she will be 12 in 2022. This makes her almost 30 years younger than Beyonce and Solange. It goes without saying that it can be tough for siblings with significant age gaps to build close relationships; things are probably even more difficult in this situation. To add fuel to the fire, Matthew Knowles fathered another child in 2010, a son named Nixon.

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Koi Knowles is An Entertainer

Apparently, something in the Knowles genes produces people who love to entertain. Even though she’s still just a kid, Koi is already working hard to become a star. While it doesn’t appear that she has any official acting credits just yet, her Instagram bio states that she is an actress and a model. She is also an entrepreneur who started a company called Organically Koi where she sells crystals, sea moss, and other items. As she gets older, it’ll be interesting to see if she builds a successful career in the business like her older sister. However, there’s also a chance that things could be more difficult for her due to the fact that she is Matthew Knowles’ child from an affair.

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Does Koi Knowles Have a Relationship with Beyonce?

We’ve already established that Beyonce is very private, which means there isn’t any concrete information on whether she and Koi have a relationship. However, chances are that the two probably don’t have much of a relationship. In fact, it’s likely that they’ve never even met. If you search the internet, you won’t be able to find any pictures of the two together. From what we can tell, Beyonce has never spoken openly about either of her half-siblings, and that probably isn’t going to change.

credit @candidlykoi

Does Koi Knowles Have a Relationship with her Father?

In addition to wondering if Koi has a relationship with Beyonce, many also wonder what her relationship is like with their father. Although there are no details on the exact status of their relationship, it doesn’t seem like they have one. In fact, it’s somewhat unclear whether Matthew has ever publically claimed Koi although paternity was eventually established in a court of law.

Matthew hasn’t shared any photos of Koi on his social media profiles. This is interesting because he’s shared numerous photos of Beyonce and Solange. Koi also doesn’t have any photos of Matthew on her Instagram profile. It also doesn’t look like they follow each other on Instagram. Hopefully, however, the two do have a relationship away from the public.

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