What Movies Get Wrong about Entrepreneurs

What Movies Get Wrong about Entrepreneurs

What Movies Get Wrong about Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone, especially those that might have ambitions to make money but don’t want to take the massive risks that some folks end up taking on a regular basis. But there are several things that the movies tend to get wrong about entrepreneurs that some people happen to think is correct simply because we like to think the worst about those that reach the top sometimes. It’s very true that some of these individuals might have shady pasts and have done a few things that are less than savory in the business sense, and are bereft of the morals that other people claim to value. But the trick here is that in business there are times when morals tend to get in the way when it comes to some folks and the desire to move ahead means cutting out those that might otherwise prove to be a hindrance to a company’s growth. The thing about being an entrepreneur however it doesn’t require a person to be morally bankrupt, and it certainly doesn’t mean that someone is going to be rich overnight. In a lot of ways the movies cut a number of things out and give us the drama and issues that can happen but aren’t always bound to happen.

Here are a few things the movies get wrong about being an entrepreneur.

5. People always get stepped on by those with ambition. Yes and no, since it depends on the person.

The movies actually do a decent job of portraying this at times, but a lot of times they will show that those that want to move up in the world will eventually find it necessary to simply step on or over people that they considered being in their way. While this might happen in the real world it’s not always bound to happen since it depends on each individual and how they operate. Some would claim that a lot of business owners will gladly step on people to get their way, but that would mean that a lot of people are morally bankrupt even if they’re financially secure, and that’s not always the case.

4. Those that come up with the ideas are treated fairly. Some people actually believe this.

Again, the movies kind of skew this out of proportion. The idea of treating those that have an idea fairly is something that a lot of people would like to believe is what happens when an entrepreneur comes along to promote the business and possibly buy it out. What’s unfortunate about this is that while the entrepreneur is thinking about what risks might be involved in taking over an original idea, they might also be thinking of ways that they can cut costs by paying less for the idea and making it sound like a bargain for those that are looking for a payoff. The movies make this look like a swindle, and in reality, there’s a fine line between a swindle and a fair deal.

3. The talent a person has is all that matters. Seriously, talent without charm can be easily wasted.

If you can’t talk to people as an entrepreneur then your skill might be kind of wasted since people want to know that they’re dealing with someone that knows what they’re doing and can help others to believe in the business opportunity. Someone who has a great deal of skill in putting a business together but can’t bring themselves to talk to people or be decent and charming is going to have a harder road unless they have someone doing the talking for them since a lot of folks still want to feel comforted by those that they’re doing business with. Talent without charm is only part of the game.

2. At one point they start rolling in money. There are a lot of people that might disagree.

A lot of businesses attempt to start up each year, but the deciding factors that determine how well they’re going to do tend to take this number down quickly as some manage to start only to trip when coming out of the blocks, while others might last for a while but will come up short. The spotlight is, of course, usually reserved for those that do the best and are seen as shining examples of what a business could be, but along the way, there are plenty of ideas that don’t really do much and might even explode in the hangar before taking off.

1. Their businesses suddenly just ‘take off’. Nope, it takes time and effort to make something work.

It takes quite a bit of work and some businesses need a lot of time to really develop into something that might be even more popular down the line. Things might have to change, ideas might have to evolve, but eventually, a skilled entrepreneur will find a way to make things work. Trying to do it all overnight though just isn’t possible since in this case, doing anything halfway is bound to fail without fail.

It does take a while to become a truly successful business person.

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