The Gremlins are Back in an Awesome New Fan Film

The Gremlins are Back in an Awesome New Fan Film

So do keep in mind that this is a fan made film of the Gremlins and not authorized. This way you can have fun watching it and not get any ideas that there might be a new film coming out. All in all though it’s not that bad, though it is a little predictable. The direction that it goes in is definitely something more updated and likely for this day and age though. If this type of a movie had been made back in the day they might have thrown it out altogether simply because it would be deemed as too much for the viewing public to take.

But now that we’re in the current era and we’ve seen everything from cannibalism to people chopping each other up into little pieces we’re so inured to horror that it’s more comical than anything. The moving tree in the diner was  nice bit though, it was a great throwback to the original. Plus the way in which they moved, attacked, and just caused general mayhem while they were still being deadly was awesome since it exemplifies the Gremlins in a way that brings back old memories of the film.

It might be time to bring back this classic, but it would have to be done in a way that, like this fan made short, would be up to date and easily accepted by the current audience that would be in attendance. That means that the dialogue would have to be updated, the technology would have to be on point, and the story line of course would have to be so great that people couldn’t resist taking a look. At this point if someone said there was a new Gremlins movie coming a lot of people might groan ask “What now?”, without really thinking that it could be something that great.

I firmly believe however that this could be a decent film and if nothing else could bring back feelings of nostalgia that might attract more viewers based on word of mouth more than anything. Remember that’s what we had back in the day when this film came out, and that’s still a powerful tool that is now practiced in much the same way, but also through social media as well. Gremlins could be something fun and exciting to go see if it was done right and the director in charge didn’t stray too far from the source material, if at all.

To be technical we have and haven’t seen the Gremlins in the big city yet. In the second movie, which was comical but still horrible, they were in New York, but only one of them got to leave the building. The rest of the movie featured everything being on lockdown so that they wouldn’t get out. They had big plans to leave near the end but then they were summarily killed when one of their own, a living lightning gremlin that was released from the phone as it then reduced them all to piles of goo before they could escape.

It totally needs a remake.

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