Five Television Shows That Do the State of Texas Justice

Five Television Shows That Do the State of Texas Justice

Five Television Shows That Do the State of Texas Justice

TV shows that do the state of Texas justice are in some ways very much a part of the state in a way that’s important to recognize. How each state views itself and how others view it can be very different. But when you’re in that particular state you definitely don’t want to make fun of the things of which they’re the most proud. So honestly if you’re in Texas you don’t want to make fun of their TV programs without good cause, especially if you happen to wander into a region where any of these shows were once or are still considered to be the epitome of what it means to be a Texan. Obviously not everyone would get as offended if you happened to scoff at the shows they tend to think personify their state, but tread lightly and keep in mind that offending Texans, just like anyone that’s proud of their state, is usually not the best idea.

Definitely don’t make fun of #2 or #1.

5. Reba

She’s got a full house to deal with even if the lot of them aren’t always there. There’s her oldest daughter and her boyfriend, her teenage daughter, and her young son. As if this isn’t enough her ex-husband is always coming around and so is his new wife whom Reba initially can’t stand but somehow warms up to throughout the length of the series. That’s enough to drive anyone bonkers, but Reba manages it somehow.

4. Walker, Texas Ranger

I can recall more than a few people who would stand by this show almost religiously and claim that Walker was the one man that could possibly clean up the streets all on his lonesome. Of course he had plenty of help but when it came down to the final fight Walker and the bad guy, or guys, would always face off and you knew who would win. I mean come on, it’s Walker.

3. King of the Hill

Due to the satire of the show some people might not think that this is what exemplifies Texas, but quite honestly it’s more than just the funny bits. While Hank and his buddies might not be the best example their can-do attitude and the way their community tends to stick together is a very good example of how Texans like to view themselves and how others tend to think of them at times. Without as much redneck humor maybe.

2. Dallas

Oh man. Don’t ever, ever, EVER badmouth Dallas when you happen to be in Texas. The love for the show might have died down throughout the decades but you should still think about watching your mouth when you talk about this show. Keep in mind that while it was running it was one of the most loved shows in all of TV history. People went nuts over this show at one time, so be careful how you talk about it.

1. Friday Night Lights

There are things you don’t joke around with in Texas. The Alamo is one, religion is another, gun control is something you should stay mum about, and football is something you just don’t question. So many Texans love their football that questioning the sanctity of it just isn’t done.

Other than that, Texas is pretty much like anywhere else, generally speaking.

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