House of Hammer: The Story of Armie Hammer’s Downfall in Hollywood

House of Hammer: The Story of Armie Hammer’s Downfall in Hollywood

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House of Hammer debuted on September 2, 2022, as a three-part series following the life of shamed actor Armie Hammer. Born Armand Douglas Hammer on August 28, 1986, House of Hammer is the story of Armie Hammer, the wealthy great-grandson of a famed oil tycoon. The actor was at the top of his game in January of 2021, but he is living proof you can fall fast and hard. House of Hammer tells the story of Armie Hammer’s ex-girlfriends, abuse, and the family that he loses in the process of dealing with these 2021 allegations.

Who is Armie Hammer?

Armie Hammer is a man who was born into a good family. His great-grandfather was in the oil business. His father is a businessman who did quite well. Michael Armand Hammer is the owner of Knoedler Publishing as well as a production company named after himself. Young Hammer was born in a wealthy community in Santa Monica, California, in the late 80s, and no one knew what he would turn into. The actor stated his own parents decided they would not support him when he chose to become an actor, but they later changed their minds about supporting their son.

Armie Hammer’s career began in 2005. He wasn’t yet 20, but he knew what he wanted. He was a guest star in many shows. This includes Veronica Mars, Arrested Development, and even Desperate Housewives. He had a small stint on Gossip Girl, too. However, he really began to gather steam in his career when he began taking on small movie roles. It was when he was cast as Billy Graham (the Christian evangelist) in the movie about his life in 2008 that he really hit it big. Hammer became an in-demand actor, and his career took off.

House of Hammer: The Story of Armie Hammer’s Downfall in Hollywood

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Armie Hammer’s Family

It was 2010 when Armie Hammer married for the first time. He wed a television personality who has a chain of bakeries across Texas. Her name is Elizabeth Chambers. You’ve seen her work on the Food Network, The Cooking Channel, the Today Show, and more. She’s well-known in food circles, and she’s quite good at what she does. The couple welcomed a daughter in 2015 and a son in 2017. They worked hard to keep their children out of the press and their lives private. However, that all came crashing down around them in 2020.

The couple announced in 2020 that they decided to separate and seek divorce. At the time, there was no announcement of anything untoward. It was a standard Hollywood-type announcement. They made a joint statement of standard fare, “best friends, soulmates, partners, parents, incredible journey, moving on, made the decision together, etc.” It’s the same statement almost every celebrity couple makes when they separate. They talk about how much love, respect, whatever, and how it was a decision they did not come to lightly, and they’ll focus on the kids, etc. No one really thought much of it.

The News that Began the House of Hammer Falling

It was January 2021 when someone anonymously posted on Instagram. The posts were screenshots of Armie Hammer discussing some heavy, horrible things. Initially, he denied sending messages to anyone, but things went from bad to worse. These messages weren’t just cheating on your wife kind of messages. They were sexually explicit fantasies he shared with multiple women, including fantasies he’d like to rape them, use violence, and even eat their body parts. He was telling these women he’d hurt them and violate them, and then he would use cannibalism on them. It was shocking.

The news became worse, and that’s when Hammer disappeared. He went to the Cayman Islands, where his ex-wife and kids were living, and he got a job working as a timeshare salesman in a condo facility. When he thought his name was no longer part of the press and media, House of Hammer was announced. The women who came forward to talk about him in the documentary shared information that made jaws drop.

House of Hammer: The Story of Armie Hammer’s Downfall in Hollywood

credit: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Allegations Made in House of Hammer

A woman by the name of Courtney Vucekovich spoke out in 2021 about her history with Hammer. They dated for a while in 2020, and she said, “He kind of captivates you, and while being charming, he’s grooming you for these things that are darker and heavier and consuming. When I say consuming, I mean mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, just everything,” she said of the time she spent with Hammer. She was hospitalized in a 30-day program for trauma and PTSD when they stopped seeing one another. She is the woman accusing him of telling her that he wanted to take one of her ribs out of her body, barbeque it, and eat it.

Another woman by the name of Paige also spoke. She accused him of being full of red flags that she ignored when they dated in 2020. She said it was easy to ignore them because Hammer made her feel so good. She’s also in therapy to deal with the lasting psychological effects of her time with him. A woman who wishes to remain as anonymous as possible hired famed attorney Gloria Allred in 2021 to represent her following her story.

“He abused me mentally, emotionally, and sexually,” she said as she detailed the alleged four-hour rape and beating she endured by Hammer in 2017. She went on to say he “repeatedly slammed my head against a wall, bruising my face. He also committed other acts of violence against me to which I did not consent,” she said in a statement alongside her attorney. She refuses to participate in House of Hammer, however, because she doesn’t want her story exploited.

You can watch House of Hammer on Discovery+ and decide what you think of the Armie Hammer story yourself.

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