Gambit Should Still Get His Own Mini Series

Remember that Gambit spin-off that Channing Tatum was supposed to be the lead on? Sadly, that’s been effectively squashed, so the only live-action appearance of the popular villain remains X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Nevertheless, the Gambit project feels dead right now, though it’s likely for the best. It’s important that Marvel first re-establish the X-Men within the MCU.

It would actually be cool if Gambit was one of the core members of the rebooted group. Though, it would be better if he started out as a solo character. The X-Men anti-hero has been pretty unique backstory that deserves to be total. Plus, there are some interesting dynamics he has with the X-Men characters that can go a long way in revitalizing the franchise. However, given the complexity of Gambit’s story, it shouldn’t just be in a quick two-hour film. Gambit deserves his own mini-series.

It Can Recall His Upbringing In The Thieves Guild

Gambit Should Still Get His Own Mini Series

Gambit, aka Remy LeBeau, has a fun (a bit dark) backstory that’s simply ripe for the big screen. His family originally abandoned the anti-hero at birth because of his devilish red eyes. Known as the white devil, Remy was kidnapped from the hospital by the members of the New Orleans Thieves Guild. There, he was raised by a street gang who taught him the ways of thievery.

Gambit is largely known as a villain in the beginning. X-Men have done a great job showcasing their top heroes of the brand, but outside of Magneto or Mystique, much love hasn’t been given to the other villains. Introducing the New Orleans Thieves Guild can organically set a couple of major players for the future of the franchise — Namely, Black Cat, Belize Marceaux, or Candra.

It would give the brand a fresh coat of paint by focusing on villains other than Magneto and the Brotherhood of Evil. Even so, diving deep into the culture of New Orleans and Gambit could really produce a tremendous amount of content. Gambit is a complex character. Going back to the beginning will bring out the diversity within Remy and open the doors to exciting new stories.

It Can Even Have Gambit Join The X-Men

Gambit Should Still Get His Own Mini Series

One of the more interesting bits about Gambit is when he joins Charles Xavier after teaming with Storm. It’ll be great to see how characters of this nature blend in with the good guys. Sure, the Magneto/Charles Xavier relationship has been a dominant source of storytelling in the movies. However, Gambit’s arc is completely different.

One of the best stories comes from when he falls in love with Rogue. The duo even had their own comic! Gambit’s abandonment issues and criminal past is challenged when he falls in love with dangerous beauty. It’s not just the love itself but the deep bond that these characters share that makes them a compelling duo. Gambit and Rogue both have issues. Showcasing how they navigate the world while dealing with their problems will make these characters feel more grounded and human.

But the show shouldn’t just focus on Rogue and Gambit’s relationship. It should explore the different dynamics that the character has with the X-Men. More importantly, it can bring out more dimension for the core group that could be used in future films.

The Show Can Throw Easter Eggs For What’s To Come In The Future

Gambit Should Still Get His Own Mini Series

This is why a Gambit mini-series shouldn’t happen until the X-Men have first been established within the MCU. The purpose of this series isn’t just to tell Remy’s complex story but give some insight into what the future lies for the franchise. The show doesn’t have to be bombarded with easter eggs. In fact, it would be better if it wasn’t because it would easily distract from the main story.

In the way WandaVision and most of the other Disney Plus shows tie to the larger world of the MCU, so should Gambit. It would be pointless to make a show of this nature with no purpose beyond a singular story. A Gambit series can still be great regardless, but opening up the scope that expands the MCU should be the ultimate goal.

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