Emilio Estevez Will Reprise Role as Coach Bombay in Mighty Ducks Series

Bringing back the past appears to be the ‘in’ thing to do these days and while it works sometimes it’s enough to make a person shake their head at others as they wonder just what the studios are thinking, y’know, other than: “Okay, we’ve got no ideas, time to hit the archives and find out what we can drag back into the spotlight.”. When you think about it, that’s essentially what’s been happening as of late since innovation and original thinking hasn’t really taken over the way it needs to since going back to the well for the same old ideas that were popular back in the day so that Hollywood can remake, reboot, and somehow revive them has been the trend for a while and it’s definitely not slowing down if Emilio Estevez is coming back to take on the role of Gordon Bombay once again. Let’s be fair, The Mighty Ducks was a good movie, and the second one wasn’t too bad, but by the third Disney was getting a bit silly and really running low on the number of ways it could continue to push the Ducks and their continuing development into young adults. After high school there wouldn’t have been a lot of chances to keep them together since in reality a lot of high school friends might stay in touch, but when it comes to college that’s where people tend to go their separate ways all too often.

As Ailish Forfar of Yahoo! reports Emilio Estevez will be coming back without a doubt, but it won’t be to coach a brand new show on Disney+ as one might hope for, but to reboot the original Mighty Ducks as a ten-part series. Did anyone see this coming? Did anyone have some idea that ‘new and inventive’ might be the plan to bring this show back? If you did then unfortunately that’s not the plan since it sounds like Disney is planning on bringing the gang back together for another run and will be bringing Gordon back on to play the same guy more or less. It’d be great if he took up the role and started coaching peewee hockey again but kept the Ducks name while taking on a new team of rejects that would need his expertise. This time around of course he wouldn’t have Hans to help him, and would possibly be a much more balanced coach since if anyone remembers he really had a lot of adjusting to do in the first and second movies considering that he had to ‘find himself’ in both.

The one great thing about this is that The Mighty Ducks will, this time around, belong to a new generation of kids that didn’t get to grow up with the movies back in the day and could possibly learn to enjoy the idea in their own way since this time around things will likely be different. For one thing the content is probably going to change since even for a Disney movie there were a few things that might be seen as problematic in the original, not the least of which is the bullying which, strangely enough, is still something we tend to see in movies and TV shows to date even if there’s been a huge outcry against it throughout the years. Whether or not they’ll bring back the same characters is difficult to say since a lot of them turned out to be pivotal to the story in their own way, such as Charlie, Fulton, Banks, Jesse, Averman, Goldberg, Connie, and several others. If you want to see what the lot of them look like now then check it out since Phil Archbold of Looper shows what happened to at least part of the cast and how they’ve turned out. It’s also hard to imagine that at least one or two of the original actors wouldn’t be given a cameo in the series since just showing them off for a brief period of time or even bringing them in as parents that have limited screen time would be kind of nice for the older crowd that remember the lot of them. When you think about it a lot of the cast didn’t go on to do much after The Mighty Ducks since several of the kids from the original kind of faded out after a while.

This idea isn’t one of the worst but unless it’s going to stick to the source material, and of course update itself, then it’s likely that it won’t be that easy to recognize once it finally hits the streaming service. To be fair it will be nice to see Emilio Estevez come back since it’s been a while and seeing him even on the small screen would be great for a lot of fans that can remember him as one of the infamous Brat Pack of the 80s, and as a grown adult into the 90s. Hopefully this will be a good attempt at bringing back a classic, but keep your fingers crossed.

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