Madam Secretary: Serbia and Albania Ends Ottoman-Era Feud.

Madam Secretary

Throughout the course of human history, it’s a wide-known fact that Serbia and Albania never got along with one another. It has been that way since the Ottoman Empire, which is over 719 years ago. That’s longer than any Hollywood celebrity feud I’ve ever seen. In this week’s episode of Madam Secretary, M-Sec and Jay work to negotiate a NATO deal that will admit both countries into the organization. Will these two feuding nations put aside their differences and work together or are we in for World War III?

I liked this episode for a couple of reasons. One is that the narrative focuses on a more globalist point of view. That the power of words can change the course of history. So much so that it almost led the two warring countries to start an even bigger war. The unfortunate victim in this fake news chaos is a twelve-year-old boy who is accused of stealing his friend’s bike. An angry mob shows up at his house and shot the young boy in the head for a crime he did not commit. It’s true that we trust the news inexplicitly, but perhaps we should be aware of all of the facts and make sure that said facts are true before we reach any conclusions. If we can do that, then tragedies like this will never happen.

The other reason I like this week’s episode is the ending scene at the end. Both the Serbian students joined the Albania students as they plant a daffodil garden. It symbolizes that through this act of planting the bulbs, it shows that one day, Serbia and Albania will put an end to their warring ways and move towards a peaceful time in the future. Shame we can’t tell other feuding countries to come together to plant flowers or trees, now can we? I also like that the bespeckled girl got to be with the boy she likes.

Back to the NATO deal, Jay did an excellent job getting everyone back on board. From calming down the Serbian minister to getting Kronic’s Scott Goodman to track the IPs of the troll farm in Crimea. I rolled my eyes in amusement when Jay asked M-Sec if she would like to help take down said troll farm. Seems like someone is excited to take down a few Russian cyber miscreants. Though the deal did not go through in the end, at least the path to peace has been established.

This week’s episode also touched on something that needs attention. The Secretary of Defense Gordon Becker paid a late night visit to the McCords. The man rambled on and on about finding the remote and not trusting the Balkans. He then took various things from the McCord residence before his wife came to get him. I first thought that the Secretary was suffering from Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia. It was later revealed that Dr. Dan Reese prescribed him sleeping pills and SecDef took two instead of one which led to a bad reaction to said pills.

The Secretary then stopped by Henry’s office the day after to explain himself and return the items he took, subtly telling Henry not to file the report as per protocol. Henry submitted a report anyway which led Russell Jackson to relieve Dr. Reese of his duties as the good doctor is playing fast and loose with the paperwork and giving prescriptions to anyone and everyone who works in the White House or other government departments. Henry didn’t want to be viewed as a whistleblower but it looks like he already is.

I also quite enjoyed Blake’s subplot. He is feeling a bit of Buyer’s Remorse as he watched Nina work his old job. He criticized her behind her back at every turn. Though I do agree with him when he expressed his annoyance that Nina re-organized the tea cupboard by color. Though he did take a page out of the new assistant’s book, in a way, when he finally got the Global Health Department and the Office of Environmental Services to agree on the Antimalarial Initiative. I felt sorry for him when Jay told him that his efforts have been for naught when a tech NGO offers to take over the initiative. At least he was able to play the two departments like a fiddle so that’s something right?

Closing Comments:

Marko, why would you eat that daffodil bulb?! You don’t know where it’s been! Yes, I know it was a dare, but still!

Dr. Reese threatening Henry about filing the report. That’s pretty low of him and he’s supposed to be a doctor. Makes me wonder what else he is trying to cover up. Good thing we won’t see him anymore since Russell will ask Dr. Reese for his resignation.

Sweat-drop Moment: watching Blake re-organize the break room. Yeah, it’s something to behold.

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