10 Things You Didn’t Know About Street Outlaws’ Lizzy Musi

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Street Outlaws’ Lizzy Musi

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Street Outlaws’ Lizzy Musi

Some girls grow up thinking about fashion, hairstyles, and looking good, while others dream of having successful careers in white-collar jobs. Lizzy Musi knew from a young age that she was born to race fast cars; she looks fabulous while at it and has won numerous awards. Musi’s father, Pat Musi, was a famous pro-street world auto racer and engine builder. Like her father, Musi has been involved in the high-adrenalin heart-pumping world of auto racing since her teens.

Apart from being an award-winning drag racer, Musi has also appeared on television shows like Street Outlaws and runs her business. She’s gorgeous, ridiculously talented at racing cars, and with records as a top-rated female racer, she has built quite an interesting career in the world of moto sports. Read on as we look deeper and share some of the 10 things you didn’t know about Street Outlaws’ Lizzy Musi.

1. Lizzy Musi Comes From A Family Of Racers

Lizzy Musi and her parents

Lizzy Musi’s father, Pat Musi, is not the only family member with a love for asphalt terrains. Her younger sister Patricia Musi also drives race cars, while her mother, Elizabeth Musi, has been involved in drag racing as a racer. As early as 8, Lizzy Musi became interested in racing cars and started learning all she could. She participated in junior drag races and, by the age of 16, was competing professionally in Junior Drag.

2. Lizzy Musi Is Involved In The Family Business

Lizzy Musi testing a Pat Musi race car

In addition to being a family of drag racers, the Musi family also runs the North Carolina-based Pat Musi Racing Engines. The company’s website describes the business as a “one-stop shop for sportsman engines with a pro mod pedigree.” Armed with a lot of drag racing history in the world of moto sports, it helps that the Musi family is involved in building the engines that make their record-breaking cars run fast and smoothly.

3. Lizzy Musi Is In A Relationship

Lizzy Musi and her fiancé Kye Kelley

Lizzy Musi has certainly found a partner she can relate with. Kye Kelley, a driver, and star of Street Outlaws: New Orleans, and Musi have been engaged since 2021. They first met at a racing event in which Kelley participated. Although he did not know Musi at the time, he knew her father. They were subsequently introduced to each other by Pat Musi sometime after their first meeting. Musi and Kelley are very supportive of each other, as seen on their social media pages, and they also spend a lot of time together. Kelley was previously married.

4. Lizzy Musi Is A Dog Lover

Lizzy Musi and her dog Biggie Smallz

Lizzy Musi is a big fan of the French Bulldog. She once posted a picture of her puppy, Biggie Smallz. After extensive research on the breed and its personality traits, she and Kelley decided that a French Bulldog would make a perfect pet for the couple.

5. Lizzy Musi Has Survived Multiple Accidents

Lizzy Musi in a drag race car

Lizzy Musi has been lucky so far as a drag racer. The racing enthusiast has been involved in and has survived at least three accidents. In April 2012, Musi crashed a 1968 Camaro while driving in the American Drag Racing League in Bristol, Tennessee. Three years later, in March 2015, she had a crash during a qualifying round in the PDRA Texas Nationals. Musi was also involved in a racing crash using a Robert Hayes Race Car nicknamed Bonnie in the first round episode of Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings.

6. Lizzy Musi’s Amazon Shop

Lizzy Musi

In addition to having a successful racing career, starring in TV shows, and helping out with the family business, Lizzy Musi also has a storefront on Amazon that sells beauty products she recommends. She doesn’t appear to run the shop, but she gets some profit for making recommendations and lending the shop her name and image. Musi also sells her auto-branded merchandise, which is available in major online stores like eBay and Amazon.

7. 30 Under 30 For Lizzy Musi

Lizzy Musi knows her engines

When she’s not winning on the track, Lizzy Musi is winning in other ways. In 2015, Drag Illustrated magazine named Musi as one of the inaugural members of its 30 Under 30 list. Even though the drag racing sport is still very much male-dominated, women like Musi have been able to influence the sport by providing it with a whole new outlook.

8. Lizzy Musi’s Social Media Explosion

Lizzy Musi

With her incredible good looks and successful career in drag racing, it’s no surprise that Lizzy Musi enjoys a large social media following. With a growing fan base of over 340,000 on Instagram, Musi has shown no signs of stopping anytime soon. Be sure to check out all the action and keep up with Musi as she shares bits from her everyday life on @lizzymusi.

9. Lizzy Musi Wasn’t Given a Free Pass

Lizzy Musi and her father Pat Musi

Even though Lizzy Musi had the necessary background to start a career in the world of moto sports, she wasn’t handed anything on a silver platter. After graduating high school, Musi worked for her father at the family shop as a cleaner – she was responsible for ensuring car parts were kept clean, and the floors were left tidy. As a record-breaking drag racer, she also earned her stripes by putting in the work.

10. Lizzy Musi Was Diagnosed With Cancer

Lizzy Musi cancer

In a video she posted on her YouTube channel, Musi and her fiance Kye Kelley announced that she had been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. She has enjoyed the support of her family and fans through the difficult time and looks forward to fully recovering. Lizzy Musi and Kelley are set to get married in November 2023.

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