The Middle Review: Happy Not Mother’s Day

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The Middle has been on a roll this season with consistently funny and touching episodes. This Mother’s Day theme was no exception, even if Frankie cancelled the holiday in her house in exchange for everyone in the family paying forward one random act of kindness to another. It sounds like a good idea in theory until everyone’s plans backfire.

Take Frankie for example. Her mother, Pat, was visiting for the weekend and as luck would have it, Frankie drew her name in the mix. Unfortunately before Frankie could bring home a nice oven roasted chicken to her, Pat already left to go home. So Frankie decided to be a nice person and pay for the stranger behind her in line at the grocery store. It wouldn’t be a Heck’s luck if this woman didn’t end up having an overflowing shopping cart, making Frankie look like a hero when in actuality she can’t afford to treat random people with that much money. I actually cringed as Frankie found this nice young couple in the parking lot and ended up taking some of the groceries she paid for instead of asking them to pay her back. So awkward and very tacky.

Sue pulled Brick’s name and surprised him with the gift of her bedroom for the summer. Unfortunately the summer hasn’t begun yet and she’s not even sure she wants to go to Dollywood anymore. Mike’s surprise for Sue was the last straw that really broke Sue down after already losing “Tina” (the name of her room, which Brick renamed Santiago.). Her beloved childhood stuffed animal Woofy Dog got a complete makeover at a toy hospital and was completely unrecognizable. Axl really came through for Sue and comforted her, even allowing her to sleep in Brick’s bed in their shared room. I love those unexpected and sweet brother/sister talks between Axl and Sue.

Pat jokingly brought up an awkward exchange between her and Mike from her daughter Janet’s wedding over 20 years ago when he didn’t want to dance with her. She took that personally and has been carrying it around all this time unbeknownst to Mike, who is otherwise a great son-in-law. It’s true, he does take Tag off her hands when he’s getting on her nerves and he’s done housework for them. It’s not until he’s driving her home this time that he gets sentimental and truly thanks her for being the only mother he’s known since he lost his own when he was young. Anyone who’s met him should know he’s not a dancing person, which I’m sure Frankie’s told her mother that time and time again so Pat shouldn’t have taken it personally. Mike seizes the moment at a gas station where “Dancing in the Moonlight” is playing and finally gives his mother-in-law that dance he rejected a long time ago. Such a sweet moment. Frankie’s voiceover says it all: “Mike finally got Mother’s Day right after all these years. Just with another mother.” Honestly though that’s the best gift he could’ve given Frankie too because I’m sure she’s happy to hear her husband and mom really connected.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone reading this! I hope you took something away from this perfect episode and treat your own mom (and really anyone) with a little extra kindness this weekend.

The Middle Season 7 Episode 22 Review: Not Mother's Day


The Hecks put their own twist on Mother’s Day which goes surprisingly well for almost everyone.

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