Why the Show Street Outlaws Can Last Forever

The reality television show “Street Outlaws” is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it has gathered a huge following of car lovers. It’s one of those shows that meets the viewing needs of a niche audience, and it contains all of the necessary elements to keep fans interested and coming back for more. Some have asked the question “why is the show still on the air?” The answer isn’t really that simple. For every hater, there are a lot more people who look forward to each new season and here is why we believe that “Street Outlaws” is a show that could last forever.

It’s controversial

People love a good drama and the show “Street Outlaws” has been a bone of contention since its first airing nearly six seasons ago. There has been a public outcry against the drivers for promoting the illegal act of street racing and glamorizing it. Those who are opposed to the airing of the show feel that it encourages people to take stupid risks that put themselves and the general public at risk. While there is no question about the validity of their concerns, the show does encourage the use of strict safety protocols, they race on closed roads in a legal and “controlled” setting and they’re not breaking the law. They also include a disclaimer at the beginning of each episode, discouraging viewers from trying these stunts on their own. Whether you love the show or believe it should be cancelled, viewers are drawn to controversy like moths to a flame. The debate will always continue and it will push the die hard street racing lovers to keep the show on the air indefinitely if possible.

The drama never ends

Another element of any good television show is the presence of drama. People like to see their favorite stars tangle with each other and even scrap, but the arguments are the best. It’s entertaining and drama gives us a reason to come back for another episode to find out if the situation has resolved or if it’s still ongoing. Drama stimulates our emotions and gives us an adrenaline rush. There is a lot of adrenaline in supply just watching the races but it’s an added bonus to see the drivers in their interactions with each other.

The characters are interesting

Throughout the last five seasons, we’ve had the privilege of getting to know the cast/drivers a little better. The back stories help viewers to connect with them on a more personal level. The personalities are strong and they’re not afraid to feud openly. Some have had to deal with serious injuries and other have been out of work or in prison and viewers can relate to them on a personal level. They’re far from typical but this is one of the greatest things about “Street Outlaws,” because it’s something very different and even unique, and it’s great to see a new driver come on board because it’s just one more person to add to the diversity of the cast.

The cast are also legitimate racers

Doc, who’s real name is James Love is a drag racer and loves the sport. He and Monza are both working to get people interested in legitimate drag racing on the track. They don’t just spend their time and talents in the street racing scene. Street racing and drag racing are quite similar in their design but legitimate racers take their vehicles on the track to compete and it’s a sport that is beginning to see a resurgence.

There’s nothing illegal about the show

Although “Street Outlaws” may come across as a sketchy group doing illegal things, there isn’t anything about the show that breaks the law, regardless of current controversies. All of the permits from cities and the proper clearances have been obtained for each episode and there are police officers coming in and out to make sure that everything is done in accordance with the law. In all fairness, there may be some implications there, but the Discovery Channel is big on keeping everything open and above board.

There will always be an audience for “Street Outlaws”

The largest population of viewers is men between the ages of 18 through 54 years and it is the number one television show that this group watched in the second season. In fact, the statistics on this season showed that 2.57 million people tuned in. With great ratings and as long as there are people who love fast car and the thrill of both drag and street racing, there will always be an audience for the show. There are some viewers who will forego other events to make sure that they are in front of the television when the newest episode of “Street Outlaws” is aired, and that is true dedication and loyalty.

In Conclusion

“Street Outlaws” is a show that draws a hug crowd of followers and it’s preparing to go into its sixth season. We believe that the show could go on forever as long as the producers maintain the inclusion of the things that viewers most want to see. Drama, controversy, fast cars and skilled racers. They like to get in on the in-house feuds and the interactions between the drivers because it’s entertaining. Some of the cars which are raced are beautiful beyond words, that is if you’re into racing cars and a sporty aesthetic. Another reason that we believe the show could continue is that people love it and there will always be a steady supply of guys and gals who love the feel of speed and they like to street race for the crowds, especially when it’s filmed and ends up on YouTube or Discovery. Just as the stream of drivers will endure, so will the audience who get a thrill out of watching them race. It’s a show that actually could go on forever.

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