Moon Knight: “The Friendly Type” Recap

Moon Knight: “The Friendly Type” Recap

Moon Knight: “The Friendly Type” Recap

With only so many episodes being granted for this show it’s fair to state that things have to move quickly and that there’s no time to be wasted as the transition between episodes 2 and 3 had to be quick and decisive. With Marc Spector now in Egypt, it’s not tough to think that Layla was going to make her way to his side, even if her primary goal is to save lives, not to help her husband. One can’t really blame her since Marc doesn’t appear to be the nicest person, but he is a little easier to take than Steven, who appears to be afraid of everything. In this episode, however, it does appear that Steven is a bit stronger than the audience has been led to believe. Spoilers are coming, just to make the reader aware, since this episode of Moon Knight came out swinging as Marc and Steven had to accept the idea that there might be another passenger inside their shared head, and Khonshu decided to push his own boundaries to reach his final goal. 

What’s interesting is that there’s also a good bit of gaslighting going on as well in this episode, as upon causing a solar eclipse that no doubt confuses the world without question, Khonshu gains the attention of what’s left of the Egyptian pantheon and is threatened with the possibility of being encased in stone if he meddles with the sky again. But as Harrow and his people have found the location of Ammit’s tomb, the desperate move was one that the moon god couldn’t avoid any longer, especially since it becomes obvious that he is not in favor with the gods, and hasn’t been for some time. It’s even more evident when Harrow is brought to the discussion and manages to convince the council that not only is Khonshu wrong in his accusations, but that Marc is unwell, as he harbors more than one personality, and that the personalities cannot reconcile. The fact that Harrow uses this against Marc and Khonshu is downright dirty, but from a practical standpoint, it’s definitely smart. 

When the avatar of Hathor instructs Marc on where to go and what to seek, however, he and Layla reunite, but even after talking with one another, it becomes clear that there are too many bitter feelings between them. To complicate matters, Marc’s attempt to find out where the tomb of Ammit ends up revealing yet another personality that is more violent than Marc is, and is unknown to him, or Steven. Khonshu isn’t exactly forthcoming, as he’s more about the need to find and stop Ammit than anything, meaning that it does feel that he would sacrifice whoever he needed to. Between Ammit’s need to punish people for things they haven’t done yet, and Khonshu’s need to seek vengeance, one has to wonder if either god is really in the right. What is interesting is that this episode gives the audience a great show that pushes the supernatural nature of Moon Knight as after seeking a sarcophagus that can help them find Ammit’s tomb, Layla and Marc find themselves in a fight for their lives as it’s shown that Layla is actually kind of a badass, leaving little to no question as to why Khonshu would want her as an avatar. 

But Marc’s display of power and martial skill is even greater as he summons the suit and shows that he can be impaled, shot, and bludgeoned without any damage as he takes down an entire group of armed guards. Amazingly, Steven takes control of the body and summons Mr. Knight briefly as he tries to quell the fighting. One shouldn’t be surprised that his desire to cease the hostilities didn’t go well and his decision to give the body back to Marc was the best decision at the moment. Of course, even after grabbing the artifact that was needed, Marc and Layla still needed to know where to go, and the display of power that Khonshu decided to utilize was finally too much for the other gods as the moon god shifted the sky once again, creating a stunning light show that was noticed by the world yet again. The purpose was good enough since it allowed Layla and Steven, whose skill at assembling the artifact pieces was needed, to locate the tomb. 

Unfortunately, it did come with serious repercussions as Khonshu has been rendered inert, Marc/Steven could very well be on their own, and the followers of Ammit now stand without opposition as the other gods have no intention of meddling in the matter. One can’t help but think that the series is going to keep moving quickly as the fight between Moon Knight and the followers of Ammit winds down to a confrontation that will hopefully be nothing short of epic. 

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