Top Gear America: What We Thought of the Premiere

Top Gear America: What We Thought of the Premiere

Top Gear America: What We Thought of the Premiere

Top Gear is one of the most popular programs on the planet. The show has been around in one form or another since 1977 and was rebooted in 2002. Since that time this show continually aired is extremely popular in the U.K. (where it was created) and in America. The show primarily deals with motor vehicles and their drivers. In July of 2017, Top Gear released its American premiere. It was highly anticipated and many Top Gear fans really enjoyed the show. Actor William Fichtner, professional drag racer Antron Brown and automotive journalist Tom Ford from Britain are the primary stars on this show. These three hosts will explore, test and evaluate different exotic vehicles.

Antron Brown gives us a breakdown on the Lamborghini Huracan Spider. He drives this car through the open country while describing how it performs. They also show how they filmed Antron as he speeds through the desert. Fichtner and Antron team up to evaluate cars and so does Tom Ford. Each of the guys gives their own perspective on various types of vehicles throughout the show. In other words, America Top Gear is not that much different than its British counterpart except that it puts an Americanized slant on the program.

Top Gear fans liked this program because it allowed them to see their favorite show in a new light. They enjoyed the new cars that the Top Gear team evaluated. They also liked the way the team interacted with each other and with the viewers. Fichtner gave a polished performance for his role on the show. He is a great veteran actor and he made the show to feel like it was more of a box office presentation than just a program about fancy cars.

A lot of the program was shot in the open desert part of the country. This background also helped to give the show a great look in terms of its visual quality. Fans could really see the cars as they opened up on the road. The Top Gear team also went to various other locations to spot out cars and to test out their performance.

Camera work is very important to the Top Gear story. This visual aspect of the show is necessary for helping the program to become the highly rated show that it is. So, the guys at Top Gear make it a point to let viewers know how they are able to capture such great driving effects with advance camera technology. They show the latest cameras and how they are designed to record the exotic cars and they zoom down an open road. The camera technology is sophisticated and very complex. It helps to make the drivers look good as they show off vehicles to viewers.

American Top Gear had plenty of good times with the guys. All of them seemed thrilled about doing the show they look like they really enjoyed what they were doing. Fans of this show thought that the first episode was pretty good and they are looking forward to the second episode of this season. Keep in mind that BBC will be running eight episodes for season one of Top Gear America. The first episode appeared on July 31 and the second will air on August 6, 2017. Each episode is scheduled to appear every Sunday on BBC until the end of September when season one will come to an end. Viewers will have to check the time slots for their area.

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