10 Things You Didn’t Know about “Born With Albinism”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about “Born With Albinism”

Albinism is a rare disorder that results in an absence of pigment (melanin) in a person’s body. In addition to impacting the skin, albinism also affects a person’s eyes and hair. Because the condition is so rare, people with albinism are often misunderstood. A new series on TLC seeks to help end that misunderstanding. Born with Albinism follows the Grabowski family and their albino children. Not only does the show give insight on what it’s like to live with albinism, but it also taps into the fun family dynamic that TLC has become known for. Continue reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about the new TLC series, Born with Albinism.

1. Not All Members Of The Grabowski Family Have Albinism

Although the show is called Born with Albinism, not everyone in the Grabowski family has the condition. Out of the five children, Liz and Jon adopted, four of them have albinism. However, neither Liz or Jon have the condition. The fact that Liz and Jon were open to adopting children with albinism is especially meaningful since albinism is seen as a curse in the children’s home country of China.

2. The Grabowskis Also Have Biological Children

In addition to having five adopted children, the Grabowskis also have two bioligical sons. Before they began the adoption process, they also attempted to have a daughter. Liz and Jon’s biological children also don’t have albinism. It’s unclear how much of a role — if any — they will play on the show.

3. The Grabowskis Met In College

Liz and Jon Grabowski have had the kind of love story that lots of people dream of. They met in college and got married within the first two years of knowing each other. While some might see this as a pretty quick timeline, it has worked out well for the couple.

4. The Series Is Educational

One of the best things about Born with Albinism is that it will open viewers’ eyes to the realities of albinism and help spread awareness about the condition. For example, most people are aware of the fact that albinism impacts a person’s skin, but what many don’t know is that it can also cause issues with eyesight.

5. Born With Albinism Is Only A Special

Born with Albinism isn’t a full TV series, it’s actually just a special. This means that it will air in a limited number of episodes and there are no plans for a second season. However, if the special becomes a huge hit, there’s a good chance that the network may decide to turn it into a full series.

6. The Grabowski Family Is Pretty Private

Now that they’re the stars of a reality show, some people have probably assumed that the Grabowskis are the type of people who just love to share their business with the world. That’s not even close to being true, however. Outside of the show, the Grabowski family seems to be very private. We weren’t able to track down social media profiles for anyone on the family.

7. The Show Is Filmed In California

Born with Albinism is filmed in the Fresno, CA area which is where the family lives. Although Fresno isn’t known for being as warm and sunny as other parts of the state, summer months in the area can be tough for the Grabowski family. Since people with albinism don’t have any melanin, they are much more susceptible to getting sunburn and skin cancer than the average person.

8. This Might Be The First Show About Albinism

Since albinism is so rare, it doesn’t get the same amount of attention as some other conditions that are more common, but Born with Albinism is about to change that and make history in the process. From our searches, Born with Albinism appears to be the first TV show that is focused on the condition.

9. Albinism Isn’t The Only Disability That Affects The Grabowski Family

Mae, the second child adopted by the Grabowskis, doesn’t have albinism but she does suffer from other disabilities. She has nerve damage in her right arm which limits its function. People with disabilities are often looked down upon, but Born with Albinism is ready to show the world that just because people are different doesn’t mean they aren’t just like everyone else in a lot of other ways.

10. Viewers Are Loving The Series

Only one episode of the special has aired so far, but viewers seem to be loving it. A quick search of the hashtag #BornwithAlbinism on Twitter revealed that there are lots of people who have had nothing but great things to say about Born with Albinism.

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