10 Things You Didn’t Know about Gabo Szabo

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Gabo Szabo

Reality television has taken itself into a new realm of crazy. There is a show for everything. There is a show that was a show that is now a new show for everything, and we know that makes no sense. Shows have come and gone, they’ve been turned into spin-offs and additional shows, and now we cannot remember what was original, what is new, and what is old. “The Challenge,” is a show that some of us don’t understand or care to watch, but it’s also one that has an almost cult-like following of fans who know the reality stars on the show from other shows. It’s a lot, and Gabo Szabo is one of the people who has been on “The Challenge,” who fans want to know more about.

1. He is Quiet

He was not one of the most outspoken men on the show. In fact, his castmates often referred to him as the quiet one. He didn’t have much to contribute, and we are left wondering if this was part of the game for him. Did being quiet mean that he was putting himself into a situation where people might forget about him and allow him to manipulate them from afar?

2. He is Funny

His castmates thought he was relatively quiet, but they are also quick to point out that he’s hilarious. They thought he was funny on the show, and we get it. He’s well-known for his one-liners and his quick wit, and many people adore him for it.

3. He is Not a Former Star

While so many of the people who come into reality television these days have been on another show in the past, Gabo Szabo is not one of them. He’s never been on reality television before – at least not on this show. He’s a new face, and his fans adored him.

4. He Had Good Reason for Choosing his Partner

When he chose his partner for his season of “The Challenge,” he did so for good reason. That reason was not to win or to take home the prize. He chose Nancy Gonzalez because “she’s hot,” and he was happy to admit that to her when she asked why he chose her. He’s honest. We like that.

5. He Likes to Work Out

Gabo obviously takes care of himself. He’s into his body and keeping it in shape, and he spends a lot of time in the gym working out. He’s a huge fan, and it’s something that he’s been good about most of his life. His health is important to him, as it should be for everyone.

6. He Wanted to Win for His Family

So many of the people who compete on this show do so because they want to win for their families. He wanted to do the same thing, and he made it very clear that most of what he does in life is to make his family proud. He’s obviously close to them, and we imagine they are proud.

7. He Also Wanted to Win For Himself

On a slightly less familial note, however, he also did this show simply because he wanted to win for himself. We don’t consider this at all selfish, and we do believe that going into reality show competitions to win is why people do it. He thought about using the money from any potential winnings to buy himself some things he’s been wanting – like a sports car, a quality watch, and to party a bit.

8. He Made Good Friends

He didn’t win the show, but he did leave with some good friends. At the end of the day, he seems to be the kind of guy who actually does a good job making friends and keeping them. He seems pretty cool, and most people seem to like him when they have a chance to get to know him.

9. He is Fairly Private

This probably goes hand-in-hand with being quiet, but he’s not one to talk much about his life. He doesn’t share much about anyone, about anything, and we know little about him. He either doesn’t believe that everything is everyone’s business, or he’s simply just quiet and does not care if anyone knows what’s up in his life.

10. He is Likable

Perhaps it is his honesty. Maybe it’s his hilarious comebacks. Maybe it’s just him. Whatever it is, it seems that Gabo is a likable guy, and everyone had a good time with him. When you’re this likable, you already naturally win.

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