Fun Facts about the Cast of “Ted 2”

Fun Facts about the Cast of “Ted 2”

Ted is a comedy film by Seth MacFarlane which follows the life of a living bear, Ted. It has two parts, i.e, Ted and Ted 2. In the second part, Ted decides that it is now time for him to have a child with his wife, Tami-Lynn. However, the plan comes to a halt when the court decides to label Ted as a property instead of a person. To become a parent, Ted has to prove to the court that he is a person. You can buy the film here, or watch it on Netflix.

The plot is perfectly executed by the cast and voice-over actor. Their collective hard work brought to life one of the most hilarious comedy films of all time. Let’s take a look at the cast of Ted 2 and see what they have hidden beneath the sheets. Are you ready to explore? Continue reading!

Ted (Seth MacFarlane)

Fun Facts about the Cast of “Ted 2”

Credit: @macfarlaneseth

Let us begin with the man of the hour, Ted, or should I say, Seth MacFarlane. Seth is the voice-over actor that brought ted to life. He is an actor, producer, director, and singer. Is there something this guy doesn’t do? Anyway, Seth is widely recognized for his work in animation and comedy series. You most probably know Family Guy. Well, Seth is the creator of it.

Here are a few fun facts that you didn’t know about Seth:

  • Seth is from New England.
  • Walter Crouton was his first paid comic work and he was a kid at the time he got the offer from a local newspaper.
  • Seth MacFarlane has worked for Disney and Hanna Barbara.
  • He is a huge Sinatra fan!

John (Mark Wahlberg)

Fun Facts about the Cast of “Ted 2”

Credit: @markwahlberg

John Bennett, or our very own Mark Wahlberg, is the guy who wished for his teddy bear to come to life as a kid. Little did he know that his wish would be granted and he will have to live with Ted as his best friend for the rest of their lives. Who doesn’t know Mark Wahlberg? This guy has built a huge name for himself in the acting world. He has done quite a lot of super-hit movies over time and had received well-deserved awards for them too. What you maybe didn’t know about Mark Wahlberg is that:

  • Mark was a rapper and his stage name was Marky Mark.
  • Mark Wahlberg was a member of  New Kids On The Block – a boy band.
  • He modeled for Calvin Klien underwear for 2 years.
  • Marky has three nipples, the third one is a supernumerary nipple which he has had since birth.

Samantha (Amanda Seyfried)

Fun Facts about the Cast of “Ted 2”

Credit: @mingey

Samantha Jackson is a pot-smoking lawyer in Ted 2. She is also John Bennett’s girlfriend. Amanda has been modeling ever since she was just 11 years old and she started acting at 15 years of age. Some unknown facts about this Les Misérables actress are:

  • Amanda was a soap star. She played Lucinda Montgomery on As The World Turns.
  • Amanda Seyfried really loves the farmer’s life. She has many chickens and goats. She even loves to grow her own crops with her husband.
  • She can knit and play the guitar.
  • She is married to Thomas SadoskiThe couple got married with just one attendant, Finn, Amanda’s dog and her best friend.

Tami-Lyn (Jessica Barth)

Fun Facts about the Cast of “Ted 2”

Credit: @iamjessicabarth

Jessica Barth is seen in the role of Tami-Lyn. Tami-Lyn is Ted’s wife in Ted 2. Jessica is also a stage actor. In 2017, Jessica revealed that she was a victim of Harvey Weinstein. Harvey was booked for several charges of sexual harassment. Some other known facts about this bubbly actress are:

  • Jessica has been married to Danny Cusumano since 2012.
  • Jessica Barth’s zodiac sign is Cancer.
  • She was dating Seth MacFarlane (Ted) in real life, too. The duo dated for a year in 2006.
  • Jessica Barth worked in three restaurants before landing her first television gig on The District.

Patrick (Morgan Freeman)

Fun Facts about the Cast of “Ted 2”

Credit: @morganfreeman

Saving the best for the last. Patrick Meighan, played by Morgan Freeman, was the civil lawyer that helped Ted win his case at the court. He helped Ted in winning the status of a person. Morgan Freeman is most famous for being a wonderful narrator. His deep and clear voice has been used in many films. Some lesser-known facts about Morgan Freeman are:

  • When he was fifteen, he played a prank on a girl that he secretly liked. He pushed the chair from underneath her and as a punishment, he was asked to take part in the school drama. That was Morgan’s first acting role.
  • The first film that Morgan Freeman narrated was The Shawshank Redemption.
  • Morgan Freeman has served in the American Airforce.
  • He suffers from paralysis in the left hand.
  • Morgan spent 4 days in jail because he refused to abandon his friend. The local police suspected them of being AWOL (absent without official leave) while they were hitchhiking to Los Angeles.

Other Cast Members of Ted 2

Some other cast members of Ted 2 are:

  • Liam Neeson as a Customer
  • Tom Brady as himself
  • Maggie Geha as the nurse
  • Giovanni Ribisi as Donny
  • Lexi Atkins as the waitress

Have you seen this comedy? Let us know your favorite character from Ted 2. Do you think there could ever be a Part 3?

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