Movie Review: Home

Movie Review: Home

credit: Home

The movie Home follows the story of a teenage girl, Tip, on her quest to reunite with her mother after an alien race resettled them in a single area on Earth. Through the help of one of the aliens, Tip managed to find her mother again in Australia, in a human settlement created by the aliens, the Books. However, it turned out that the Boovs invaded Earth to hide away from their enemy, the Gorg, who still managed to follow them to Earth. After reconciling with their sworn enemy, the Boovs and the humans lived together in harmony in all parts of the Earth.

Movie Review: Home

credit: Home

A movie with a confusing plot, but it is enough for a child’s animated movie.

The film had a decent share of positive and negative features. We’ll talk about both of these features, but we’ll go with the negatives first.

The first thing we’ll review is the plot. Sure, the movie is entirely fictional, especially with the alien elements. So, we’ll make our basis on that. Then, we’ll ground our review as if that is the reality, and we will review what deviated from that reality and how far those deviated.

Like some horror movies, this movie couldn’t have happened if only one of the characters used their common sense. In one of the scenes, it was shown that Captain Smek knocked over an obelisk-looking thing where an artifact containing the Gorg’s species’ entire next generation was resting. All the events in the movie wouldn’t have happened if the Gorg did not place it in an undeniable place or Captain Smek did not steal a random object owned by somebody else.

During Oh’s character development, it was gradually revealed that he was mostly the outcast in their Boov society. He also had committed mistakes more than sixfold what was allowed. On Earth, some of their kind also expressed their disgust for him; there was even one scene where several Boovs were in a line behind some sofas trying to hide from him. So why was he even brought to their escape to Earth if he was that hated?

Continuing with Oh’s character, in the early parts of the movie, he was keen on hosting a party involving dancing. During the scene where Tip plays some music on their car’s radio, he begins to dance involuntarily, describing it as tricking him into “listening to a debilitating sonic weapon.” That’s a bit inconsistent for his character.

Tip’s character had a flaw as well. After landing in Australia, where aliens cramped up the human population, she began to search for her mother but gave up so quickly. Did she expect her mother to come out in the middle of where all of humanity resides?

Also, in the near end, why was the car even have to be flown into the air? What was that supposed to achieve?

Movie Review: Home

credit: Home

The movie had great potential, especially in showing social and family values.

In the movie, the human value of companionship was underlined. This value is something in contrast to Boov’s individualist and socialist societies.

In the beginning parts, Tip is shown to be accompanied only by her pet cat, as if it was only her and the cat against the world. This was something the Boov were not able to understand. If they could live alone, why did they need to have an animal follow them around? To which Tip responded, “You just have pets for fun and companionship.”

Another contrast highlighted in the movie was the lack of understanding of family in the Books. This was best shown in a scene where Oh revealed that Boots didn’t have families; without anyone to care for them, they were only fed en masse when they were young. Oh also seemed to struggle to understand the concept of possessive pronouns applied to family members, as he never had one. He often called Tip’s mom “my mom” because that was the way she referred to her. This is yet another value shown in the movie, the concept of a family member belonging to us and us belonging to a family.

In conclusion, the movie Home had a great message to show its viewers, and it succeeded in emphasizing those points. Through the application of an alien race with contrasting values, the film succeeded in shedding light on these avenues by putting it in a setting where it was lacking.

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