The Five Funniest Movie Scenes Starring Vince Vaughn

The Five Funniest Movie Scenes Starring Vince Vaughn

The Five Funniest Movie Scenes Starring Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn in a funny movie scene is about as standard as it gets. The guy has a big mouth that never seems to shut but that’s part of his charm really. The more he talks the funnier he gets, the funnier he gets the more outrageous he gets and so on and so forth. Some people would call him obnoxious and they’d be partially right since he’s hard to take sometimes but he is undeniably funny. He’s stretched his acting muscles more than once and went into drama and even into horror but he always seems to come back to comedy since this is where he tends to excel. People expect him here, but they should be grateful that he comes back since a lot of actors will usually try to break out of their comfort zone at least a few times in their career.

Vince Vaughn belongs in comedy, but that doesn’t stop him from doing other stuff.

5. Wedding Crashers

I would say that this is about as low as it gets when you’re just trying to hook up with a woman but near the end of the film we can see that rock bottom is hooking up with them at a funeral. That seems so fundamentally wrong that even considering it should be tempting fate. Thankfully by the end of the movie both lead characters come to realize the futility of it, at least in theory.

4. The Internship

It’s hard to get back in the habit of job searching when you’ve been at a particular job for so long. But when the two lead characters find out that their company has gone belly up they find that they have to start all over and convince the people at Google that they’re worth taking a chance on. It’s kind of an old generation meets new generation and convinces everyone that they’ve still got what it takes to sell.

3. Old School

Bernard is the jerk friend that you don’t get rid of because he means well and won’t back out on you when it counts. But he will do whatever is in his power to make sure that you have a good time even if it kills you or possibly lands you in hot water with your boss. Remember the young woman Mitch sleeps with at the part that Bernard throws? At the very least you can credit Bernard with the idea that became an institution when Mitch became the Godfather and their fraternity finally took off.

2. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

Peter kind of sleepwalks through life taking little if anything seriously along the way. what he doesn’t have in talent or skills he usually makes up for in charm and a very friendly attitude towards people. But when his gym is about to close and be taken over by White Goodman he finds the will to finally fight back and make a future for himself and his friends.

1. Swingers

Vince Vaughn is very good at playing the part of a jerk, a very big jerk with a very big mouth. Tell me, what waitress would ever come back if she were to be promised a tip of a shiny fifty-cent piece?

He’s got a very big mouth and a lot of charm, and that’s why he’s funny.

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