Five Movies You Totally Forgot Morgan Freeman Was In

Five Movies You Totally Forgot Morgan Freeman Was In

Five Movies You Totally Forgot Morgan Freeman Was In

A lot of people might feel that there’s no way that anyone could forget that Morgan Freeman was in a movie since not only is his voice hard to forget but his acting is so on point that he kind of stands out no matter what role he takes on. But there are those movies that might be forgotten and roles he’s accepted that aren’t quite as memorable as others, so it’s entirely possible that one would forget what they’ve seen him in. Every actor has this capability, to kind of disappear into a movie and leave people without a clear idea of whether or not they were a part of it, but it’s true that one might think it difficult to misplace Freeman simply because he has such a big personality and is able to shine in just about anything he does, be it in a good or bad way depending on the character he’s playing. When he takes on a role that goes against what people remember it’s even more possible since someone that sounds like a kindly old grandfather taking on a villainous role is usually something that tests the boundaries of acceptance with many people.

Here are a few movies that people might have forgotten that Morgan Freeman starred in.

5. Dreamcatcher

Based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, this movie was all kinds of terrible even if it had the potential to be something truly horrifying. Unfortunately, this is what tends to be done with a lot of movies that are based on a novel, things get changed in ways that fans weren’t expecting and tend to become a bit muddled from their original form. Freeman actually portrayed one of the villains in this movie so it’s easy to think that people might have blocked it out or simply forgotten since the movie wasn’t really that great. It had a chance, but things got mucked up pretty quickly.

4. Street Smart

This is another movie where he plays an antagonist and it’s very easy to think that people are convinced that he can do this but they would rather see him as the good guy, or that type of character anyway, rather than someone that’s overly aggressive and ready to tear someone up. In this movie, Freeman plays a pimp that is suspected by the police of wrongdoing when a reporter shines a false light on him by creating a story to invigorate his career. Obviously, that puts the pimp in a foul mood since he didn’t need his business in the street for the cops to take a look at. As a result, this sets the pimp against the reporter in a battle of wills that eventually does come to an end.

3. Unleashed

Freeman plays a kind old musician and piano tuner that comes upon a ragged and bloodied young Asian man and helps nurse him back to health in this movie. The only problem is that Danny, played by Jet Li, is the ‘property’ of a local loan shark that uses him like a dog to beat down anyone he disagrees with. The rehabilitation that goes on in this movie is something that is touching and definitely fictional since someone that’s been used as a weapon all their lives doesn’t feel likely to simply do a 180 and become entirely docile, but that’s what fiction is for, to smooth out those rough patches in reality.

2. Outbreak

It’s easy to think that Freeman is playing another villain in this movie but in truth, he’s playing a military man that is doing his best to follow the chain of command and stop the outbreak of a deadly virus that could reach pandemic proportions if left unchecked. But near the end of the movie, it is seen that he does the right thing and works with those that are attempting to save people and keep the virus contained. Movies like this are getting a good deal of attention right now thanks to the pandemic, but one should be grateful that the order to burn an entire town to the ground hasn’t been considered.

1. Hard Rain

It’s very easy to see why this movie wasn’t remembered because it’s not that great even with the decent actors that it had to work with. But the whole idea of robbing an armored truck that’s emptying the banks in towns that are in a flood zone to protect the money is one that a lot of people might find either too mundane or kind of awkward. The movie isn’t something that anyone is bound to remember since it was decent but not exactly Oscar-worthy. But Freeman once again plays a villain, but this time a villain that does have some sort of moral code since he doesn’t want to shoot everyone he sees.

This kind of proves that not every role is a great one.

P.S. the movie he’s featured in the photo above is Brubaker.

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