Movie Review: Moloch

Movie Review: Moloch

Movie Review: Moloch

There are quite a few movies out there that deal with tales of possession, of evil spirits that live out in the wilds or were lost with an ancient civilization or that target child. Moloch has likely been tossed around in a tumbler before it was displayed on the screen, but it works without any doubt. The Dutch-made movie is something that might not appeal to everyone, but it definitely has great moments that allow a person to enjoy it fully. As far as horror stories go, it does deliver a few chills and thrills that are fun and allow the audience to get into it, but the folklore that bolsters the story is enough to make people stick and care enough to hear it. It’s also a part of what makes the movie feel a bit stiff at some points since there is the feeling that the movie slows down now and then in a manner that might make some people groan, even if it does offer a good amount of exposition that helps to enjoy the story further. 

It’s a slow-burning horror movie for certain. 

From start to finish, there are moments that can make a person gasp and wonder what’s going to happen next. Still, the style of filming that goes into this tale is that which allows a person a good deal of downtime as the story continues to move along in a relatively slow manner. The way this story builds itself up as it moves along is odd compared to several horror stories. Still, it follows a recognizable pattern that can confuse some folks and irritate others. This is the act of storytelling, though, and note that every tale will be flash and pomp all the way through. 

The use of the supernatural is tricky and even insidious. 

One thing this movie does not come off as is a cheap slasher flick since it does require a bit of thought on the part of the audience. That’s not to say that someone watching this movie couldn’t figure out what was going on if they stepped away for a few minutes. They might wonder who is who for a while, but overall, the movie is simple enough that the basics can be followed, and the tale can be easily picked up even after spending a few minutes away from it. The overall feel of this movie is that it’s something that was made with serious intent and a desire to pay some respect to the folklore behind it. While this isn’t rare, it’s something that one can’t help but think is more or less forgotten or looked over at times since people want to make movies but don’t always want to tell honest, genuine stories. That sounds a bit harsh, doesn’t it? But the truth is that shock and awe tend to sell better than honest-to-goodness storytelling that’s far meatier and has a solid point to it other than blood, guts, and gore. While Moloch does manage to scare plenty of people, many others won’t be taken in by this slightly hard-edged horror. 

The story is one of the essential aspects. 

It’s amusing to be sure that there are plenty of times when people will state that they enjoy a good horror story but will focus more on the horror and less on the story. That’s typical, to be fair, since a story such as Moloch takes a lot for some people to get into. This type of tale does require more attention, which means less flash, less pomp, and not as many jump scares that people are divided on when it comes to liking them or not. But if one is patient and can sit through the exposition and the development in this tale, they might find that they’ll enjoy the mix of horror and folklore they’re given. Apart from that, this story might not be for everyone but is still worth watching at least once just to say that you did manage to see it, meaning you can talk about the meanings behind various scenes. 

The ending has a nice twist to it. 

This is a story in which the protagonist doesn’t end up winning the day. The force against her is simply too strong and too good at hiding until it reveals itself in small ways. With that in mind, though, this story becomes something that one can’t help but think is enticing since it gives a different look at the classic tale of good vs. evil. If nothing else, this movie is worth watching since it’s dark, a bit depressing, but also entertaining  

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