Everything We Know About Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Fubar

Everything We Know About Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Fubar
Everything We Know About Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Fubar

Not long after Arnold Schwarzenegger was appointed the role of Chief Action Officer at Netflix, he got straight to work on a project of his own – a spy series entitled Fubar. The Netflix original series marks Schwarzenegger’s first foray into television after a storied career in feature films. While the show treads on familiar grounds as the hit actioner, True Lies, the trailer boasts a much more comedic feel with a focus on a younger cast.

After Schwarzenegger shot to superstardom in the early 80s, he quickly became one of the biggest action stars on the planet, alongside the likes of Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis. At the time of his massive fame, actors rarely went from movies to TV shows, in fact, it was usually the other way around. But in recent years, that has changed massively. With Schwarzenegger taking his first leap into TV, here’s everything we know about Netflix’s Fubar.

Why Schwarzenegger Is Finally Doing TV

Arnold Schwarzenegger Shotgun

After retiring from acting to pursue a career in politics, Schwarzenegger eventually returned to movies with a small role in Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables. He then went on to reprise his role as The Terminator in two seperate reboots – Terminator Genisys and Terminator: Dark Fate.  However, neither movies gathered enough steam to class as a true comeback, and Schwarzenegger officially announced his retirement from the iconic character.

With the power of streaming platforms growing with each year, more and more stars are taking the leap into TV. Schwarzenegger’s former foe turned friend, Sylvester Stallone, made the dive into television in 2022 with his acclaimed show, Tulsa King. The gangster drama was a big success and was quickly greenlit for a second series, and this may inspired Schwarzenegger to take the leap himself. While he has struggled to make a comeback at the box office, Netflix could be the perfect place for Schwarzenegger to reconnect with action lovers, whilst also attracting the attention of the younger viewership.

What Schwarzenegger’s Fubar Will Be About

Fubar 2023 Screengrab

Fubar’s plot is heavily inspired by the plot of the 1994 smash hit, True Lies. James Cameron’s original action adventure told the story of a woman who finds out her husband is a spy. Netflix approached Schwarzenegger with Fubar as a means of rebooting True Lies without fully recycling the original story. Fubar focuses on a father and daughter who simultaneously discover that they are both in fact spies. Upon learning this, they are soon thrust into a game of survival when they become entangled in the same mission.

Who Else Is Cast In Fubar

Fubar Cast

Fubar is of course forefronted by Hollywood titan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who plays retired special agent Luke Brunner. However, its supporting cast is built on some relatively unknown names. Monica Barbaro plays Brunner’s hot-headed spy daughter, Emma, and other stars include Gabriel Luna, Fortune Feimster, and Milan Carter.

What Fubar’s Title Means

Arnold Bike

Fubar is an acronym that stands for “F****d Up Beyond All Recognition”. The saying is commonly used in the military as a prompt way to describe the fate of a battled soldier. With the trailer for Fubar showcasing that Schwarzenegger’s character is one tough son of a gun, the title also likely alludes to the fact that there are many violent deaths in the series.

When Schwarzenegger’s Fubar Will Release On Netflix

Netflix's Fubar Main Cast

Fubar will land on Netflix on May 25, 2023. All 8 episodes will be available to stream at once. Arnold Schwarzenegger will also make his second Netflix original feature on June 7, 2023, with the three-part docuseries simply titled, Arnold.

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