Leslie Jones is the First Guest-Host On The Daily Show

Leslie Jones is the First Guest-Host On The Daily Show

credit: The Daily Show

Leslie Jones is the first guest host on The Daily Show as Trevor Noah steps down. There are going to be several more, but Jones is the first of them and will definitely be making her case to be the only one. Her comedic chops are, according to many fans, good enough to take the job. 

For those who have watched The Daily Show for years though, opinions vary. A lot of people are still of the mind that Jon Stewart was the best host ever. Some folks weren’t too fond of Trevor Noah, but that’s a personal matter. 

Leslie’s style of comedy has been enough to keep her popularity rising over the years. There have been a few moments when she’s been less than popular, but as a host, a lot of people are keeping faith that she’ll do well. 

One thing that’s very easy to say is that like any comedian, Jone’s style of humor is an acquired taste. The same could be said of Noah Trevor and Jon Stewart, as there are only a few comedians that have ever existed that are universally loved by the fans. 

Leslie Jones is the First Guest-Host On The Daily Show

credit: The Daily Show

Leslie Jones feels like she might get the job

One thing that Leslie has been since she came on the scene is confident. That hasn’t changed for a while since she’s been a vocal celebrity for a while now. If anyone remembers back to 2016, she was definitely willing to let people hear her opinion about the Ghostbusters reboot. It’s easy to wonder if that will ever come up. 

The trailers that have run make it clear that she believes she’s getting the job. Of course, plenty of hosts feel this way when it comes to their chances. The Jeopardy! guest hosts were much the same way, though not quite as boisterous. Jones’ personality, however, is one reason why she might actually get the job. 

She doesn’t tend to shy away from being who she is. This is a big deal when it comes to presenting herself to the fans. While it’s possible that she could need to tone things down from time to time, it’s also likely that she’ll gain a great deal of attention for speaking her mind. 

The last big shoes to fill were Jon Stewart’s

The fact is that Jon Stewart was a hard act to follow. Many would claim that Trevor Noah did his own thing but couldn’t hold a candle to Stewart. This is a bold claim, but it does feel accurate, considering that Stewart had a massive fanbase. Jones comes with her own fanbase, but one has to wonder if it’s enough. 

She knows how to make people laugh, and she knows how to get her point across. Wondering if Jones is what is desired is tough to say since she does speak her mind a lot, and she doesn’t always hold back. But that could work to her advantage if she picks her spots wisely. Time will tell if she’s the person to keep this role. 

Leslie Jones is the First Guest-Host On The Daily Show

credit: The Daily Show

Leslie comes off as a better standup comedian

It could have something to do with her loud and boisterous manner. But somehow, she appears better suited to entertaining crowds with her comedy. Sitting behind a desk and regaling the audience with a mixture of news and comedy doesn’t sound like her. Stranger things have happened, though, and it’s fair to think that she has the ability to make this work. 

TV show hosts don’t come in a one-size-fits-all; that much has been evident for a while. There’s nothing to say that she can’t take this role from the several others that are vying for it. In fact, there are only a few reasons why she might not be the best fit. None of them have to do with her gender or race. It’s simply an idea that while she’s a funny comedian, this is a much different position. 

Fans might not like to hear such an opinion, but even Trevor Noah appeared ill-suited to this position for a while. Maybe Jones will prove a lot of people wrong. 

So far, it doesn’t appear that she’s the best fit

There are a lot of people that would disagree with this. But the fact is that placing Leslie behind a desk and giving her the run of the show, even if it’s temporary, is not the place for her. She would no doubt disagree since it would appear that she’s having a good time. 

Still, there is a big difference between her time on screen, on stage, and behind a desk. The former two positions make better use of her personality. The Daily Show feels like something that could end up stifling her at some point. But again, things happen, and she might surprise a few people. 


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